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Avatar since: 2006-05-19
Age: 35
United States - TX
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"Here for friends"

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Relationship Status: Married
Looking For: Friendship
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I am currently on vacation out of state for two weeks I'm Back! At this time I am taking developing requests, but please understand that I am limited in what I can do until I get the new version of photoshop later this year, and I am still learning and experimenting with the meshes. I am to avalible chat frequently during this time, so if you see me online please feel free to message me =). Thank you for your understanding, and have a lovely day. >>-Laun->

Love my friends =).
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Hello, Thank you for stopping by my page =), I love to chat with new people, and you are welcome to message me anytime you see me online, provided that you follow these simple rules:

1. Be nice, and if you cannot be nice, then at least be honest.

2. If you are messaging me for romantic reasons.... I am married, don't bother.

3. When I have extra credits, I like to give gifts. Mostly to my friends, but sometimes to random people who I am returning a comment to. Asking for a gift greatly reduces your chances of getting one.

4. Please use complete sentences and good grammer when messaging me, and no "leet".

5. Please do not be gross or stupid. I have a very low tolerance for gross and stupid.

Respect me in these areas, and I will show you the same respect.
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My Wish List

Can you tell I like red black and white? My wishlist is mostly here for personal reference, things that I am planning to buy on a later date, so I do not expect anything off it. If you do choose to give me something however, I would be very grateful, but be warned, its a rather large list.
*L* Steam FrameDark Stained Glass 3(E)ORIENT WATERFALL TREETreetop GardenStone Spa (animated)
N- Elwe in TealSilver and JadeMythbusters Quotefairy mushroom ringCladdagh
Strapless Shell Bikini(A) Sea Shell Sofa(A) Sea Horse StandSingle Star(A) Sea Shell Chair
Black and Silver Cameo[Dô Silver Shimmer 000-tx- hazel eyesspacerspacer
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Please feel free to look through my products. I am pretty new to developing so it is nice when people take notice. I have been pretty busy of late, but every once in a while I do have something new I put up, and I have a whole load of goodies in the works right now, so be sure to check back often ;). Much love. >>-Laun->
Earth AyuAutumn AyuDemon Pagoda
New Years Cheong - BoarSnakeskin swimsuitBlack Pencil Skirt
My Interests

I have a HUGE, range of interests, more than would actually fit in the "interests" categories. I like just about everything, and my interests are always expanding.
I like to travel, I have been to Mexico once, I would love to visit other countries, but at the moment travel funds are a bit low.
High on my list of would-be destinations:

  • New Zealand
  • Egypt
  • Japan
  • Ireland
  • Malaysia
  • India
  • Iceland
  • Venezuela
  • Brazil
  • Greece
  • Spain
  • Turkey

  • I LOVE to read. Mostly classics and fantasy and historical, and I have a ton of young adult books left over from when I was a kid that I still go back and read. I also like learning about other cultures, I like reading travel journals, survival guides, and any book on mythology.

    My all time favorite authors:
  • C.S. Lewis
  • J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Jack London
  • Charlotte Bronte
  • Jean Craighead George
  • Douglas Adams
  • Brian Jacques
  • Thor Heyerdahl (his travel logs and expidition books)
  • Edger Allen Poe
  • Hans Christian Anderson
  • Jules Vern

I also love poetry, I write a lot of it myself, one day I may put some of it up here.

My favorite poets:

  • Robert Frost
  • The Brownings (Robert and Elizabeth)
  • Emily Dickenson
  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  • Christina Rossetti
  • Samuel Coleridge
  • William Blake
  • Richard Lovelace

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fantasy, anime, Life, Army, cats, married, moon, Art, Painting, Drawing, music, Wolves, spain, darkness, blood, Christian, Sun, poetry, irish, stars, books, Celtic, nature, Chocolate, wings
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