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Avatar since: 2006-06-17
Age: 29
United States - CA
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Prosthetics...something I'm a nerd for. IT'S WINRII'S FAULT!
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GL1TCH - Circuit #660099GL1TCH - Circuit #990000GL1TCH - Circuit #009999
GL1TCH - Circuit #009900GL1TCH - Circuit #000099GL1TCH - Circuit #000000
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No, I don't ever expect to actually get everything on here. I don't expect to be able to buy that much, and I don't WANT that many gifts.
I'm not really that greedy, I'm just a wishlist-wh0re.
Hyunshin - Yellow BlondeLonewolf Mock VestBlack Flame Dragon Shirt[hd] Natural - LatteAnim. Cloud Sandal
Short Dress 1Black Flame Dragon Ver.2Purple and Pink Earrings*B* Jolie Blonde Lightspetite purple
Black Silk Buckled GownBeautifull Yuna eyes[K*] SaiyuriGroup Shot-o-ramaCrystal Ball
FLY Gothic Class GownPlum Ayaspacerspacerspacer
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EllieSaibogu has no special someone.
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anime, writing, Art, Drawing, music, FMA, Evanescence, J-Rock, philosophy, sci-fi, paranormal, Supernatural, Developing, gackt, Fullmetal Alchemist, cyberpunk, alchemy, balance, GITS, Ghost in the Shell, GATE, impossible, last exile, full metal panic

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