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Avatar since: 2006-12-17
Age: 27
United States - CA
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"Why Does A Rose Represent Love?"

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Konichiwa minna-san. I've fully changed than the last time you saw me. I am more mature and smarter. You can call me Kairi, Miko, Hotaru, etc except bad names. I am an anime person obviously. My favorite shows are Gakuen Alice, Kamichama Karin, Elfen Lied, Kingdom Hearts, and more. I expect to give me respect if you want respect in return. Fail to do this will result an automatic block. Farewell and Happy Valentine's Day.
Relationship Status: Seeing Someone
Looking For: Friendship
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Sora and Kairi kiss Serious Business Damn You Riku! Sora icon 5 Kairi is Sora's Girlfriend Konichiwa! xD These are my sticker products! Go see them to see the full picture! If you want me to make you a sticker just tell me and I will make it! But you need to buy it yourself. Kay? ^_~
Mages to beSailor Chibi RenieeChibi FoxFruit BasketKyo Fan Club StampForever Friends
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This are my videos I created with my very own hands. To not steal or you'll face the wrath of me. I worked on AMVS for 1-2 weeks so don't steal my hard work.
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Special Someone
She is my awesomest friend in Gaia and IMVU.
She is also my sis, ^ ^. I am always there for her and if anyone is mean to her, prepare to get ur head bite off *growls*
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Love is All We Need Is This Love
-v- Addictive Black[c] CC Wedge White[+] Black Combat Boots|F[Ds]Black Sandals;Black Wrap
!Akela Heels :White!Akela Shoes :Black! Sneaker wedges blk whtANN Plaid Skirt Set BLKANN 2 tone mini BLUE
ANN 2 tone mini PINKANN 2 tone mini WHITEANN Scrunch Tunic REDANN Scrunch Tunic PURPLEANN Scrunch Tunic GREY
ANN Bubble Tube Dress WHANN Bubble Tube Dress BLANN Bubble Tube Dress TLANN Untie Polo Black Bluspacer
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