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This is simply to keep track of stuff. Please don't feel liek you need to buy stuff. I am not a begger, and while gifts are nice, they are NOT nessicary for me to like you . ^_^
Stardust Clouds*N*Shoulder BulletBelt FNR-TN BRACELET(L)BUckles (upperleft)R| Anarchy Leggings
AE Luminous DOCtor[AE] Celestial DOCtor[AE] Starfire DOCtorSushi! [derivable] .f.I~Fantasy Crystals
~Mystic Albino MichelleI~Fantasy Crystal OasisI~Fantasy TreeI~Fantasy Crystal Oasis2Luminus Crystal Candles
(R) SkyHigh Dominiqeheart blue butterfly*BRWH* ElegantShoji Lampspacerspacer
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