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Now you see me, Now you dont!
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Hi people If you got the credits Think about geting me something......or buy some thing I have made.Oh and the dev. items in my wish list arn't for me or you to buy, there for me to dev from.
On hiatus | L |[A] Sarah's ApertureSuper Metroid Tee 16-BitLv2-Beat F #White LEDMild Sensation [Milk]
Doorway Of TruthDoorway Of Truth ArmsLoZ - Golden TriforceLoZ - Souvenir HutchNot Doing Sht Today! O:
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the, in, loz, God Shell, anime, runescape, FMA, Catgirls, Ninjas, Code, Manga, ghost, Zelda, Videogames, Girls, Swords, Genesis, evangelion, flcl, Neon, program, FullmetalAlchemist, Rei
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My Public room: My whyst kingdom
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IMVU Stamp Club

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Death Note

6487 posts from 2369 members
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IMVU Groups Beta

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Video Gamers Alliance

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3337 posts from 1046 members
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Star Trek

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2209 posts from 2085 members
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ICHIBAN JPOP (Japanese popular music) CLUB

6967 posts from 8420 members
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Legend of Zelda fans

43448 posts from 1437 members
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Obsessive Otakus

1320 posts from 597 members
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miku hatsune and vocaloids fans

1221 posts from 3269 members
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Anime Products by SoubisSacrifice

169 posts from 296 members
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80's - 90's cartoons/anime

151 posts from 395 members
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Manga Party

21 posts from 23 members
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The Japanese Language Club

96 posts from 246 members
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264 posts from 2258 members
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903 posts from 561 members
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14706 posts from 51474 members
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FREE shit from free shit givers

1711 posts from 2787 members
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Otakus Unite

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Devolpers Group *Publish New Items*

1035 posts from 303 members
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Grand Revelations Library

1182 posts from 1173 members

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