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Avatar since: 2005-09-05
Age: 30
United States - CA
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"Well, whoop-dee-flippin'-do."

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Full FMA episodes! (EVERY ONE OF THEM)
All right, here's the deal on the episodes. Originally, I had EVERY SINGLE EPISODE on here, original Japanese, subtitled. However, SOMEONE had to go be an ass and report those.

I found all the episodes on one playlist again. However, some of these are English dubbed. I WOULD keep searching, however, after seeing my LEAST favorite moment of the series in the still frames several times, I quit.


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Lets get one thing straight here. MY AVATAR DOES MEAN SOMETHING ABOUT ME. I believe in equivalence. I believe those who give gifts WILL get something in return...and I like to make it as obvious as possible. So...if you give me an expensive gift, expect to recieve a gift of equal value, or the amount of credits it cost when I can afford it.

Again, if I recieve a gift worth more than 250 credits (one quarter), you WILL be given a gift of equal value, the amount of credits it cost, or stalked until I can pay you back. >:D

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