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Back into IMVU world, but is it enough?
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Hello! My name is Dominic, nice to meet all of you. I am a 22 years of age (IMVU just messed up my age so ignore whats up there) I live in a city near by London but I have moved out of the England to another country for my new job.

UPDATE: I've got out of my leg cast last week (7th of August) and I feel much lighter, I've also got a great new job so unfortunately I might not be on as much as I used to, though I will be missing everyone here I will try my best to come back from time to time :)

I'm sorry if you have IM me and I timed out or was on DND Mode, I am usually away from the computer or I simply passed out lol. So no hard feeling ok? :)

Since the last IMVU update and I am unable to launch the client properly so to keep in touch with everyone, please reach me through MSN: dominicsava@hotmail.com

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