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Below is a slideshow of some of my Second Life (the virtual world) designs. I'm most active in Second Life.
Theres more of my actual shop releases (in detail) at: curiouskitties.com if interested.

Ameshin has recently joined facebook.
The more followers/likes I get the more I'll be updating.

About Ameshin as a digital designer.

Heres the online environments I've designed on:

    There.com - Year 2003 ~ 2010
(The worlds company went out of business.)

    Second Life - Year 2004 ~ to present & on
I own a successful shop called "Curious Kitties" that has been in business since early 2004.
(I've also done some projects professionally with Linden Lab, the company that owns Second Life, as well as being published in many real life books, magazines & news stories.)

    IMVU - Year 2005 ~ to present & on
I haven't actually done much for IMVU in the past few years but I think I will be doing a tiny bit more from now on, no promises though.
*Please note I'm kind of a lone wolf so I'm not interested in teaming up with any individual or company here unless it is to my extreme advantage. You can ask if you like but consider its highly likely my answer will be "no"
    Synthe - Year 2009 ~ 2010
(The worlds company went out of business, this was a Japanese language only world.)

    Twinity - Year 2009 ~ to present & on
I have a small shop here, although there isn't much to do yet.

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