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"I make EMOs go Poof! with happy sunshine"

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THIS JUST IN! Due to the many people that made crapy copies (with horred 2 bit sounds you know the ones), of my cat/wolf sound products. I am not making any more sound goods...i will make a few random items if i fell like it. SO STOP ASKING YOU DIRTY DIRTY WHOREMONGERS..LOL....Also i randomly ((note the word random)) give people gifts. Not presents >>; presents sounds like im hitting on you. The music on my page dose work ((just give it about 3min max)) and rotates as do the backgrounds ^ ^ Mawr!............ note: I am very affectionet and will be known to cuddle, nuzzle, lick, hug, knaw, and glomp among a large list of other affection showing tech.... thats just how i am, not to sound rude but "deel with it ! or dont talk to me lol" XD *purrs*
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For The Love of God quit asking to be my girlfriend ! IM NOT THAT CUTE !! MAWR! XD im a tradionalist, The guy is suppose asks to be your other... and at the time being my Farrie will smight you if you push my resons fo this! shes evil XD ((*ears droop* sorry for sounding rude)) Image hosting by Photobucket
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