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Have been away for a few years and now returning to see vast changes have taken place and will try to be on more frequently

Please Doodle Me
These doodles are here for your enjoyment.
Please be respectful to people that may be drawing on here, as they are my guests. If you feel that you must draw lude or crude pictures please do so on your own page as i dont want to see them on mine. This is just for all you people out there that just cant refrain from acting like an Idiot and showing their ignorance. Please do this on your own page. if i catch you doing this on my page you will not be eligable for any of the givaways nor any future givaways i might hold Thank you Phly

Who's message will be worth 10k? will it be yours?
counter easy hit ......................Doodle Me.........B-Day Nov 17................

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The Power of the Doodle
Thank you all for all your Great Doodles

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lol no i am not actually 90

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