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Avatar since: 2005-07-26
Age: 28
United States
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"Nothing is true, everything is permitted"

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buy me rainbow things. x3 n.n
White Phylicia[N] DG Summer Heels-v- Apex Black!Kat Shorts w/belt .:Rept:. Baggy Love Shirt
[DM] Black Angry Tee[N] BLACK ZIG ZAG -pf!RN! Thick Lashes*pH* Lana Red(n)Shiva Eyebrows
[N] Lovely Blue{I7 FC} Gilded Warrior(n)IB Eyes(n)Shiva Dainty Feet(n)Shiva Skin
(n)Shiva Bundle(n)Shiva Hair 2(n)Shiva Claws(n)Shiva Hairspacer
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