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Hai! I'm Sheby!

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Hello and welcome to my homepage, thank you for stoping by! Before you go on here are some things you need to know. ❣ I dont have time for drama so leave it at the door cus im not going to be nice to you if you dont. ❣ Don't ask for gifts I give out enough of thos in groups and forums. ❣ Don't gift me your product unless i wled it. ❣ Don't add me as a friend unless you took the time to message me first. Other than that i am a fairly nice person please dont be scared to send me a msg <3
you must first fail
to gain the knowledge, skill, and experience
before you can have success

Don't Giveup!

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Sheby Weby Group of things go join it...

Things to go to!


I'm getting bored with all of you.
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