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E x t i n c t i o n .

I'm am 8014 days old as of the 20th of February.
Or 21 years, 11 months, 7 days.
I am a mathematician; if you couldn't already see.
Milla Jovovich is the most beautiful woman to me.
I'm pretty much inlove with her.
I have a stupendous memory; but it has it's flaws.
English is my worse subject; I had to google the word "stupendous."
Horrible, yes? I think so...
And if I could, I'd be best friend's with Nemesis. ♥
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*A* Re: Elefunk*A™ Tattoo'd Pin Up*A™ Darling Ginger[*L] Tiny Roses : white[*L] 14.06: Swoosh
[*L] 14.07: Numb[*L] 14.07: Done Wrong[*L] 14.07: Jenna[*L] 14.08: Prototype[*L] 14.08: Prototype 2
[*L] 14.08: Pallor[*L] 14.08: Pallor II[*L] 14.08: Condemned[*L] 14.08: Bruise[*L] 14.09: Alpha
[*L] 14.09: Impasse[*L] 14.09: Cautious[*L] 14.09: In the Pink[*L] 14.09: Pen Knife[*L] Luna | bindi II
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I'm missing you already.
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