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Avatar since: 2005-09-10
Age: 30
United States - CA
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"Hey dudes and dudettes"

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- I could care less about what kind of cliche you are. It's kinda useless to give yourself a label in hope of self-assurance that you're somebody. So I'm willing to talk to anyone that looks past those labels. If you're a good person, that's all that matters.
- Ok, I'm not some IMVU whore so don't even try inviting me to a conversation just to flirt. Just pisses me off and makes me really bitchy. Kay?
- Seriously, it's an AVATAR. Stop saying "Your avatar is hot.", get off the computer, and get a fucking life.
- Yes, I am bisexual. No, I will not cyber with you
- Picking fights on IMVU is just retarded. Really.
- Starting now, I'm only accepting friend requests if you actually know me.
- Smoking is a major turn off for me. It's cancer in a box.
- Even though two stickers I have include a cigarette, they look awesome because of the colors
- I absolutely love indie, powerpop, hardcore, metalcore, industrial, house, and alternative
- OMG Can't forget club/trance music <3 Makes me wanna dance :]
- I do hatha yoga
- Vans and my ipod are a necessity lol
- Lip rings rock
- I'm addicted to deviantART
- Gummy worms/ gummy bears are my drugs<3
- I randomly dance to any rad song
- I love dying my hair
- I play the guitar and drums
- cookies = Lovahhhh
- I like rainbows and hearts cause they're prettyful
- NO, I don't do online relationships
- I haaaate beggars, so don't fuckin beg!
- Check out the survey for more info
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