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Fnck Milk!! Got Me?!! XD
If you would like to support my products... feel free to copy my banner code below and paste it on your hp. :)
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=D Welcome to my page!! I made new tops ladies!! Come on in and check 'em out. I've got skirts coming soon... if I can ever drag myself up out of the forums. hehe. Feel free to hang out long as you like.

To the people that msg. me... the best way to get in touch with me is by a forum pm. I'm in there way more often than I am on my hp. Also, if you invite me to chat, and I don't respond.... chances are I got up from the computer for a minute. ;) I promise I'm not ignoring you. Also... fair warning to all who would enter for the purposes of begging, spamming, etc... those activities are against tos here and I will report your ass. =D I generally only chat with buddies, so if you want to chat, I'll have to add you first. Take care.....

Love, *Rhania*

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