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Thanks for all your support!
If it shows I am online creating, etc...; does not mean I am at my pc working or able to chat. Due to taking care of my mother full-time I have gotten tired of opening Imvu only to have to close it down a few minutes later because I have to take care of mother and then come back and re-open everything. It is too time consuming for me, so I leave it open. There is no need for hurt feelings and mean messages that "any person" should think I do not wish to chat, etc..... If you really wish to speak with me, please leave me a message and I will get back to you to set a time with which I think I can sit down long enough to chat. I hope that each of you will understand just what I am going through and I am not trying to brush anyone off. I simply have a lot to deal with right now. Hugs, love and candlelight to all that reads and cares. ~EC~

I am only creating on 3 accounts at this time; ExoticaClass, SeductionCouture & 69ParkAveCouture. Any others using the name Exotica, Exotic, Seduction or similar names are "Not" accounts that I own. There is only one "real" ExoticaClass!


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fantasy, chat, Friends, queen, sexy, writing, Men, Art, Drawing, world, spain, canada, romance, poetry, Wicked, australia, Gemini, California, 3D, Diamonds, wild, europe, mexico, russia, EGYPT
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People ask me why do I create? I love creating things for Imvu, not only for myself but to see others enjoy my creations as well.
I am also creating to help support my mothers' rising healthcare costs and due to latest unfortunate circumstances, my youngest sister, my 14 yr old niece and twin 3 year old nephews.
I have had to discontinue sending out individual thank yous since I no longer receive sales reports for what people purchase from me.
Just know that each of you are greatly appreciated for all
friendship, purchases and/or support!
I am with each of you in spirit, as this has always been my
greatest outlet ever for creativity.
If you really want to check out one of my rooms or furniture before purchasing, just leave me a note and I will try to work out a time to meet you and show you anything you wish.
If you make a purchase from me at ExoticaClass, SeductionCouture
or any of my 69ParkAve stores,
please know I thank you and appreciate you from the bottom of my heart.
Hugs, much love and candlelight,


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