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I'm -A- BabyGirl, not -YOUR- BabyGirl!
Relationship Status: Single
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[Pup] Black Anyskin HornThe HoodB! Baron F Fur[Nish] Bluji Ears[Nish] Bluji Tail
[Nish] Bluji Ears 2[Nish] Kex Ears 4[Nish] Kex Tail 4[Nish] Kex Kini[Nish] Kex Ears 5
[Nish] Kex Ears 3[Nish] Soot Kini 6[Nish] Soot Ears 5[Nish] Soot Ears 4[Nish] Soot Tail 3
[Nish] Soot Tail 2[Nish] Blue Foxeh Tail[Nish] Blue Foxeh Ears& in RLRL Shorts
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Hello "Cool, new people" IM me if you want to chat, I like meeting new people! You can add me if you want too! = ^.^ =
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