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About me
: I'm originally from Mejiro, Tokyo - Japan.
I speak Japanese, English, French, Spanish, and Moroccan Arabic.
On IMVU, I develop by myself as TNT, and am also the co-creator of the Yumi & Ryu products with the developer, Jinx (clothing, texture art by myself / hair, 3d models by Jinx).
Recently, I've started another collaboration with my friend eviann, a 3d-modeller from Japan. She is the creator of the Rikey hairs, Goddess Heads, Anime wings, and hopefully more to come. ^^ Some of her meshes will be derivable from our collaborative brand, QTMJ.

General Interests:

<3 My boyfriend <3 and my cats. =^_^= All forms of Art. Graphic Novels!! (Sandman, Death). Console & PC games. Strong French roast coffee! Swiss&Belgian Chocolate. Japanese sweets. Caribbean beaches. Rollercoasters. Travelling. Designing and creating virtual clothing/products... surprise surprise. ^^

I am mostly a fan of industrial music.. but I also like punk (punk-rock/acid punk/ electro punk/etc..), rock, indie, acid jazz, trip hop, reggae, and just about every other genre. I just love *music* and going to live shows.
Although my favourite musician/singers are Trent Reznor (nine inch nails) & Bob Marley - I like many other singers/bands such as: (in no particular order)
sneaker pimps, iamx, ohgr, skinny puppy, pigface, ministry, mindless self indulgence, peeping tom, electrocute, the cure, tool, the doors, the smiths, robots in disguise, placebo, brian molko, chikinki, kill hannah, deerhoof, chris corner, spiderbait, macy gray, the pixies, franz ferdinand, white zombie, fiona apple, she wants revenge, chris vrenna, saul williams, garbage, muse, kmfdm, malice mizer, morningwood, tsar, cake, sleater kinney, the dead 60s, gorillaz, the organ, snake river conspiracy, ben harper, faith no more, anthrax, tv on the radio, autolux, braniac, pink grease, morcheeba, eels, tenacious d, tom waits, miyavi, prodigy, tori amos, disposable heroes of hiphoprisy, yeah yeah yeahs, emilie simon, dead milkmen, portishead, beth gibbons, dead prez, arctic monkeys, hushpuppies, juliette lewis and the licks, oasis, flight of the conchords, pj harvey, interpol, aphex twin, lcd sound system, the rapture, the strokes, massive attack, depeche mode, matisyahu, the 5 6 7 8s, suicidal tendencies, daft punk, mike patton, weezer, angela mccluskey, mr bungle, my life with the thrill kill kult, the killers, the subways, L7, infadels, radiohead, velvet acid christ, moi dix mois, dead kennedys, jello biafra, and the list never ends... :)
Sin City, The Professional/Leon, Kafka (Steven Soderbergh), The Boondock Saints, Natural Born Killers, Battle Royale, Snatch, Kill Bill 1&2, Mirrormask, Animatrix, Akira, Requiem for a Dream, Midnight Express, Brain Candy, No Country for Old Men, Pan's Labyrinth, Fight Club, The Fountain, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, The Crow, Grave of the Fireflies, and also various documentaries & biographies.
Graphic novels (preferrably Vertigo comics): "The Sandman", "Death", "Hellblazer", "The Watchmen", "Shade the Changing Man" , "Lobo", "The Crow", "The Mask", and of course "Tank Girl".
Books: "The metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka, "Neverwhere" by N.Gaiman, "Smoke and Mirrors" by N. Gaiman, European Fables/Short Stories (Grimm, La Fontaine, Maupassant, Aesop), "Les Fleurs Du Mal" by Charles Baudelaire -- all poems by Baudelaire, Verlaine, and Rimbaud, writings by Friedrich Nietzsche, Franz Kafka, Edgar Allan Poe, Voltaire, Victor Hugo, and MANY others!...
My Brother (..he works for Square/Enix in Tokyo.. Lucky!). Neil Gaiman. Dave McKean. James O'Barr. Jamie Hewlett. Salvador Dali. H.R. Giger. Vincent Van Gogh. Charles Baudelaire. Edgar Allan Poe. Friedrich Nietzsche. Franz Kafka. Voltaire. Bob Marley. Trent Reznor. Christopher Bachalo. Frida Kahlo. Everett Peck... too many more to mention!

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Humility - Balance - Contrast - Subtlety - Details

Thanks to IMVU and all of you, I am able to do what I love the most. Thank you for the honour of being able to create, and keep creating.
As a sign of appreciation, each of my products are made with patience, care, and are inspired by people who have touched my heart.
I hope you enjoy them! <3

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"It is the lives we encounter that make life worth living."
~ Guy de Maupassant

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A sketch of me ("death"-style), by one of my dearest, most treasured friends! Thank you, I <3 you!

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