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Hello everybody... Well, my name is Tom. Some people call me TomTom... Poeple could describe me as a drummer, bassist, smart ass, awesome kid, wierdo, geek, musically obsessed, nice guy, and idk what else. =] I freaking love music, and I kinda go insane without it. My whole re-doing of my profile was inspired by BlackRox, lol, so thank her if u learn anything new about me... Alright. Where to begin. I was born near San Francisco, and grew up here in Lompoc, Cali (moved here when i was 2)... My main hobbies are Martial Arts (TKD), dirtbiking, snowboarding, developing stuff for imvu, chatting, listening to lots of music, and any combonation of all the mentioned.

I like everything except for Rap and Country. The only rap I like is "jazzy" rap, like "A Tribe Called Quest." My favorite bands I guess are listed below.... So, what else... I've played drums for around 4 years, and I have a pretty good set in my garage... 7 piece, Iron Cobra double bass pedals, Zildjian zBt's, A Custom splash, a cowbell... I also play electric bass, got a Peavey Milestone (beautiful blue stain) and I'm okay at that. Ive been playing for like 1 and a half years, and I'm still learning...

Dirtbiking Stuff.
Well, i have a Pro-Circuit TT-R125L, it's a small bike but i put some power into it... I mostly go riding around the fields behind my house (the little amount left in Cali) and some tracks around So Cal. All thor gear, some nice grips... lol... but anyways...

Chatting / IMVU.
Well, I love talking to people... and thats u... I'll chat to anyone, wether its on AIM, here, msn, w/e. please, add me, even if u dont think u'll like me... ud be suprised. (as a friend once said, "im not into computer fuck so if u are get a life"?) (I'll have to get the direct quote ina sec...) (if this is still here that means im being lazy and i procrastinated... again. ^_^). Well, here's my contact stuff, because im equal - oppurtunity... haha...
AIM. PhlipSyde5050
Yahoo. TomIshKool
ICQ. 325-648-002

All of my friends are awesome, and I'd like to thank em... and if u aren't a freind... then be one... hahaha... alright, well, I guess theres not much more to add now. If u want me to add something, _please_ tell me, cause it will (most likely) relieve some of my immortal boredom... -sigh-
Dedicated friends - id like to thank you guys -
- PaperThinHeart -
my good twin...
- FOBgirl -
awesome girl, has an eclipse :)
- KenysKool -
LeAnne, stayed up a couple nights talking with ya...
- SexyBabe1-10 -
well, also one of my original friends... thanks rose...

if i forgot u lemme know! cause its like 2 in the morning and my memory isnt that good atm..

TV Shows I Like
-Reno 911-South Park-Family Guy-Dog Bites Man-Daily Show-Colbert Report-Futurama-Showbiz Show-Agua Teen Hunger Force-Robot Chicken-Mega Structures-The Most Extreme (lol)-Cops-That 70's Show-Deadliest Catch-Chapelle's Show-Mind of Mencia-Comedy Central Presents-some Blue Collar-

Bands I Like
Cake-Led Zeppelin-Primus-Aerosmith-Beck-CCR-DJ Shadow-AC/DC-Red Hot Chili Peppers-Alien Ant Farm-Richard Cheese-System of a Down-Rage Against the Machine-Opeth-Nine Inch Nails-Green Day-Butthole Surfers-311-Beatles-Black Sabbath-Guns n' Roses-Iron Maiden-Jane's Addiction-Blue Oyster Cult-metallica-Apacolyptica-Nirvana-The Offspring-Presidents of the United States of America-Queen-Rammstein-Simon and Garfunkel-Slayer-Sublime-Stone Temple Pilots-The White Stripes-The Doors-The Who-Van Halen-Weezer-Rob Zombie-White Zombie-ZZ Top-The Motley Crue-Alice in Chains-Alice Cooper-Avenged Sevenfold-The B-52's-The Blue Man Group-The Box Tops-The Eagles-Green Jelly-Johnny Cash-Meat Puppets-Pantera-Pearl Jam-A Perfect Circle-Daft Punk-The Chemical Brothers-Eric Clapton-Carlos Santana-Flogging Molly-Van Morrison

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