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Avatar since: 2007-01-11
Age: 36
United Kingdom
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"Fair enough."

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Nocturnal One Supplying Thrilling Recreation and Arousing, Naughty Delights
Get Your Sexy Name, I HAD no major rules about chatting here BUT recently many things have started to piss me off...I don't know if it's because it has been that time of the month or if it's because I passed the 25 year milestone, who knows or cares.
I didn't used to mind if people used bad grammar but NOW - I mind. Abbreviations are fine, people are busy and time is of the essence. Especially becomes esp, and so on BUT completely stupid, outrageously idiotic word modifications PISS ME RIGHT OFF! The word "something" is NOT spelled "sumfink"! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT! If you weren't aware of this, you need to drag your ass back to school.
I didn't used to mind about people having thousands of stickers on their pages and that it took ages to download. I changed my mind, it pisses me off and if the page takes more than the standard time to download (I do have a few stickers myself so I'll wait a little while:D) I'll get bored and go.
Music still doesn't piss me off but be it will and I'll bugger off again.
And then there's the ASL thing. I still hate it. And I will STILL hate YOU, block YOU and spread evil rumours about YOU (well, not really) if you have the audacity to ask me that when YOU have invited me to a conversation. ASL = instant token of non-caring idiocy XP

Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Looking For: Chatting
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We have had SO much fun together and there's SO much fun still to be had. My pirate/ghost/dancer/..kalsarivonkaaja...XD
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Special thanks to Wiseguy for using his scenes in "Temple Temptress", "Konichiwa" and "Lady of Fire" :D
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