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United States - MA
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Greetings all - Thank you for visiting my page!
I've been exploring virtual worlds since their inception
and am enjoying IMVU - just wish it had voice!
Interested in chatting about life, the universe and everything,
love to laugh and learn new things!
We love to travel, Disney and NASA are our favorite
playgrounds on earth. Love exploring and adventure,
all things science, sci-fi, imagination and FUN!
Older is better for my buddy list, I'm married
and have a most awesome daughter who you'll find
on IMVU as Venuschic. She's developing some
really cool products - happy that geekness runs in the fam!
Hope to chat with you sometime soon!
If we have a lot in common - great!
If we have little in common - great!
We both learn something new!

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My Safari Collection to relive a wonderful vacation!!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

But I'd always rather be in space!
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Pleiades Moon! A new concept in room building, ready for colonization!!
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SciQuest Space Station 2 with 3 moons!

Aurora Ice Palace
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75 avi nodes including 25 WALKING! 6 rooms, aurora skies, ocean, pool room, hot tub!

SciQuest Space Habitat

SciQuest Mission Space

SciQuest Blue Moon Club

Aurora Moon Room
 photo AuroraMoon.jpg

Silver Star RadioEqualizer Floor RadioMidnight Cuddle SwingCosmic Lounger Set 4poseAurora Moon RoomGothic Fence w Candles
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Please 3D Chat or we'll exchange messages
before adding to buddy lists.
Those with intellect, imagination and humor
are welcomed wholeheartedly!
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Thank you for visiting! Please leave a message and I will reply!

If you love nature and the grandeur of our universe,
have a look at my products. I confess I make rooms and products
for spaces I wish to be in. I hope you will like them too, they're a journey into the far reaches of my mind.

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My beautiful daughter!

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