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Avatar since: 2005-01-17
Age: 51
United States - AZ
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"In my world there is no end to the pain"

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This is a list of what i want to buy for myself, just so i can keep track of what i like, in case i ever get enough credits, lol. Please don't feel you need to buy me something from here. But, if you are feeling generous it will be much appreciated!
Glass Slipper CorruptBruise Angel WingsCat Eyes - Lavender (F)Tied Up in PurpleRetro Torch WedgeSandals
Tribal Royale StilettosGold Belly ChainHanging SunPink Metallic ToeringPurple Halter Mini
Fallen Angel M B nogloveHalter Top - LavenderGold Dolphin EarringsBlack Halter w/ glitterTube Top w/ Design
Punkette Guitar EarringsHeart EyesWonder Hair - Firespacerspacer
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