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Meet the band!
(Band members are completely fictional, personalities and opinions expressed by said members may or may not reflect those of the actual person who created them.)

Name: Brynn
Avatar Name: ocelott
Age: 23
Position: Guitar/Lead Vocals
Color: Red
Quirks: A true rock 'n roll star... that is, once the band finally becomes famous.
Likes: Loud music, dancing, fruity drinks with umbrellas, New Age philosophies, chocolate, cats
Dislikes: Spiders, neighbours who don't appreciate rock 'n roll
Motto: "It's only sexual harrassment if you're not enjoying it."

Name: Mai-Lee Nguyen
Avatar Name: PantherQueen
Age: 22
Position: Percussion/Backup Vocals
Color: Blue
Quirks: Street Racer. Loves to tinker with cars, tries to make them go faster....lots faster. Very laid back and level headed in an insane thrill-seeking kind of way.
Likes: Speed, speed, and more speed. throw in barely dressed muscly dark haired (or bald) men. oh and $$$! Dogs, big ones. Pasta (loves it). Sake! The Prodigy and Crystal Method (the bands).
Dislikes: Idiots (hate them). Men who come on too strong. Animal abusers (they should die slowly and painfully...very). Racists (go along with idiots). Cold wet weather. People who take 5 years to turn. Really slow drivers.
Motto: "GO!!!!!!"

Name: Abby
Avatar Name: DarthLilias
Age: 21
Position: Keyboards/Backup Vocals
Color: Purple
Quirks: Impulsive, sarcastic, somewhat bi-polar, hyperactive.
Likes: Purple, animals, black, her angry cat hats, Pepsi, pop rocks, classical music, art, movies, music, piercings, vampires, books.
Dislikes: Mean people, cruelty to animals, boring people, work, responsibility, pink, bright places, the sun.
Motto: "Even the freaks need love."

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