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RLove Biker Jacket 02[BG] Iron Cross Chapstribal rose bebop chaps@ Laced Leather ChapsSexy Mesh Pants
+ Mercury Naga +n: platinum gold tasteWinter Fairy skin V2[N]-=The.Trib=-FVcer&kitt
!E! Tribal Wolf (F)[B] Fallen Angel Tattoo-Corset Arm Tattoo REQ-PawPrint Tattoo Femalearmy
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Age: 47
United States
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The Jedi Code - Jedi are the Guardians of Peace in the Galaxy. - Jedi use their Powers to Defend and Protect, NEVER to attack others. - Jedi respect ALL life, in ANY form. - Jedi serve others rather than ruling over them, for the good of the galaxy. - Jedi seek to improve themselves through knowledge and training. May The Force Be With You, Always

Your Lightsaber is Blue. Blue is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes Trust, Loyalty, Wisdom, Confidence, and Truth.
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You're a Light Angel. You are a very optimistic person. You love your friends and the world. You are also a fighter and can be opinionated but you don't care because you stand up for what you believe in (go you!). You love to reach your goals and also believe in love at first sight. You care for the world and you try to see the bright sides of things even when things look impossible. You search for true love but fail to find it (Unless you already did). It's not that your wierd or anything, you just have a very strong heart. You are a very hopeful person and wish the best for your friends and for your heart. You have beatiful white wings that are fluffy and welcoming, kind of like a cloud. You can be childish sometimes but that's just you. You love the light element and connect with it in many ways since you seek it all the time. Your love shines through the dark but you often can feel insecure and you long for comfort and colsore. To make another person smile makes your day. Even when your moody you try to cheer up others. You are selfless, compassinate, and most likely a patient person. You try your best to do everything you need to do each day but sometimes you feel like there is just never enough time. Your life will come to a standstill when you gaze upon your true love and from then on everything will set itself into place.COLORS: White, Yellow, PinkQUOTE: " IF I WAS AN ANGEL OF THE LIGHT WOULD YOU RESPOND TO MY CALLING. IF I WAS ALL THAT YOU COULD EVER WANT WOULD YOU CATCH ME AS I'M FALLING"
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My Interests

This Is My Favorite Video Ever!!

Jedi vs. Sith - JEDI RULE!! An Awsome Video!! Please Excuse The 10sec Commercial....

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Pablo Franciso - Little Tortilla Boy
Hinata Hyuuga & Naruto Uzumaki
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