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Avatar since: 2007-05-07
Age: 37
United States - MD
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"Happy Holidays"

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Welcome to my page!

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T3 Arachnia UltraV PurplSD Deevious Spot 1[8O8] UNLEASH3D-tx- Pixie Dust Poses[8O8] HOT GIRLZ II
-tx- Loabi Crush Poses[8O8] ALLUR3[69s] FASHIONISTA[8O8] GLAM GIRLZ[8O8] TOP 10 (SET 1)
SD 5 Sophistication Pack[SD] Hotties!! O.O~~*L Diamond Drop - Whi[8O8] Sensually Yours[8O8] MAMACITAZ
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Killer Kittenz Band Merchandise

Because all-chick bands rock, especially if they're IMVU chick bands.

Other people that rock:

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