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Cool New People
I am not Jordyn Taylor just a fan and friend .

The following is an UNOFFICIAL imvu tutorial and is a bit of a spoiler to things your supposed to find but many never do . You are supposed to come across these by clicking links on the site as well from the main messenger window . IMVU needs to add a quest tutorial page such as i have made here .08/05/07 they seem to have added new exclamation quest bots hmm i wonder why ( ! ) !

When you use chat now stay in chat for a few minutes to do chat props . Attempt not to have the attention span of a goldfish talk to people and check out home pages you may profit .

Please read all of this page before asking questions , feel free to comment & add me .

I can not answer all my comments as we get busy and sometimes when i comment back it does not work . Hidden comment sections make it hard to know if my message went through as well what i said last .

Do not post chain comments . They are messages which say post a message on random number of page's and you will get credits , they are bogus ( fake ) .

If you chain , i will ask my friend the IMVU Official banker Miss GREENBACKS to penalize your account 69 credits & she loves to 69 .

Click Miss GREENBACKS & ask her for a loan . Send my love and say the credits i owe her are in the E-mail !



Spalding Spaz was last seen constantly changing scenes and attacking all with his lightsaber bear hugs turning people into ghosts . PLEASE put pets away in large group chats as well dont change scenes helps with a slow pc . One other thing to watch is your main messenger window settings if you are having trouble with slowness .

The above is meant to be funny . .. as is this

Ho HO hO no free credits , i just wanted to get you to read that !

See that did not take long . So read it again sometime .
The following pages will help you get FREE credits and gifts ! Add them to your browser favorites in an IMVU folder or just bookmark this JordyStitches homepage .

Look in the following Avistar's linkz for the exclamation marks ( ! ) to Quest * keep going back and clicking ( ! ) til done as there will be multiple quests . When you get stuck try reading the ( ? ) that replaces the ( ! ) , as your probably just not doing something .

Click here to do Questmaster .
I would do her anytime !
If you are male you can not put on the shirt the Quizmistress gives you so you must just change to any different shirt once , or twice . Also sometimes these quests get stuck so just try again in a day or few .

Click this NEW PRODUCT'S page 50 FREE credits once every day !

Take a FREE SPIN & WIN !
i do not pay to play but go everyday .

Click to play IMVU treasure hunt

Click to play IMVU games some cost credits

Shop with Kandy , she will show you how to be somebody & make your avatar kick a$$ .

Thanks to serenity121079
" On the pinkphoenix credit giveaway...u have to click advanced search in tan search bar...then scroll down the developers names, and click hers. Let me know if that helps. Be blessed and have a great day."

Visit my grrrl Charm , her page is gorgeous ! She love'z to give you FREE stickers & credits for using them !

Click my grrrl Lucky , not only is she cute but smart too ! An excellent IMVU walk through .

Sky loves to make new friends .
She will show you how to hook up .

Miss Social Butterfly ! Chat now & earn ratings .

Live it up with Star ! he has all the moves * Use arrow keys to line up your snaps shots , try arrow + shift & arrow + ctrl . Also works with tools in room edit mode .

JC above has the dirt on the cool new stuff .

Styl IMVU Official Welcome Committee

Someone bothering you? Let Van help you take care of it!

The best way for free credits is to click at the top of any homepage Earn Credits . You will see invite your friends with email , DO IT ! Also in there is Power Earner , click that & place your banner on your pages and other sites . When people click it then join and chat you get ALOT of FREE credits ! This is how one of my banner choices for signups looks below ,

ChickaFlicka is one of my favorite developer's , LOVE her stickerz !

Granny has good tips on how to chat safe .

Party Clubs Rooms and Scenes By SamyB4u

Shout Outs are an excellent way to meet people and get free credits by viewing pages . Shout outs are at the top of any imvu home page in the black bar . Samyb4u is having a contest at her page so click her banner .

DIS-N-DAT Website

Here are some IMVU Helper pages in case ya need more


AnakaTarren’s Trigger Word List
Super secret mystery prize search ! ( chicken toaster )

Please comment here if you find new quests or offers .

O k still lost ? Just cant figure out what is written above then let me explain simply .

The links above you want are
Charm ,
at each page will have an exclamation mark ( ! ) <--- click that on each of thier pages . Those are the QUESTS and dont forget to go back til they are all complete .
ADD the following sites to favorites in your imvu folder and go to them once each 24 hours if possible .
Free Spin above do that once a day dont pay .
New Products link , go there once a day for fifty free credits .

At the top of any IMVU page if you are signed in is INVITE FRIENDS , click there and invite people with email to earn free credits if they sign up for IMVU . Unfortunately the email invite at this time does not seem to be working for people . If IMVU people are reading its one of the links in the email works the other seems to glitch and not include the member link code .

Also at the top of your home page when signed in is EARN CREDITS , click there and you will see POWER EARNER . Right click in one of your banner code boxes then click select all , next come back to your home page or any other web site you have a page on and click EDIT in the section you want to place your banner . Then edit custom html , right click in the box and select paste . Dont forget to click SAVE . Now your banner code for sign up will be on your page and anyone who clicks it you will get credits for ... maybe if its not broken . People are having alot of trouble lately getting acredited ( IMVU please test and fix this ) .

This page is dedicated to Jordyn Taylor , JustmeOnlyme & GuysBot
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This is an unofficial Jordyn Taylor fan page , please click the link below for her official site .

Click above & join the Jordyn Taylor music launch group !

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