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"I can put your fire out!"

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Hi I'm an Australian firefighter who is passionate about fire education and safety so be prepared to see some of those messages as I develop my page :) I admit I love fire items and clothing in here (however that is because I am a pyRomantic not a pyromaniac)! I also love anything blue as that is the colour of water (which incidentally is used to control fire)!

My best friend in the real world is the beautiful BellaBaci and she is already starting to develop a range of stickers and items to promote International Firefighters' Day (IFFD) which occurs on May 4th. If you want to thank a firefighter or promote the great work they do please buy a sticker or two and place them on your homepage.

Because you have read this far please drop a me a message to say Hi! I have made some awesome friends in here and would love to meet more :)

UPDATE: * Sorry I wasn't around much over Dec & Jan however my state was experiencing major wildfires and extreme weather. Numerous towns were threatened and the fire ended up burning out well over a million hectares. *Update 2: Across the end of January until mid-February I was busy organising a major drought relief fundraiser for 400 people! We raised just under $20,000 to help the affected families. Update 3: It's party time! I'm a leap year baby & that means it's almost my UN-birthday! That's right on the dot of midnight between the 28th of February & the 1st of March I'll be turning 9 and 3/4 !!! lol I'm almost into double figures!

Thanks, Fire
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Hi I know this list is long however it is, in reality, my list of items I'd love to buy ... call it a shopping wish list. Please do not feel obliged to buy me anything but rather leave me a message to say Hi :)
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