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Hihi, hello, grettings and stuff ^_^
Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Looking For: Friendship
Relationship status: Engaged/In a relationship
Looking for: More friends!
Sexual orientation: Straight, but appreciates the fact that my man can enjoy hetero, yuri, yaoi, or both as well like I do.

This is my IMVU group - feel free to see if you'd like to join! ^_^

Oyuki's Basic Chat and Homepage Rules

Hello everyone! ^_^
You'll find that if you want to chat with me I'm a very friendly person. However, I think this is the moment in time where I have to place a few simple ground rules about chatting with me.

Oyuki's Basic Chat Rules:

1) I am engaged to my dear Shaun whom I once dated briefly in high school before we were pulled different directions in life. Now, we are back together and it's been an interesting 3 years. :3 Towards the end of this year, he and I got engaged and we will be married sometime during 2014. This means that don't chat with me if you are just to look for someone to be with or get it on with or anything like that. And honestly, don't try to persuade me to be unfaithful to him or do otherwise, it's not happening.

I have respect for others, please have respect for me. If you do anything that I find offensive during a chat, hp PM, or forum PM, I'll politely warn you once. After that, I will not tolerate harassment and will report you to IMVU, then block you instantly.

2) Close-minded people... take a hike. I like many things - I accept all religions (I don't judge) - I accept all types of people (age, sex, race, sexual preference, etc.) - I don't approve of anything that hurts anyone else. Basically, I'm like I say - an open-minded person so, people who are close-minded and I simply will not get along.

3) I casual swear. If this offends you, I'm sorry. Please don't talk to me if you can't handle the occasional swearing.

4) I like intelligent conversation. Okay, so I know people will be asking 'what's intelligent???' or 'what's your idea of intelligent then???' - simply put, let's talk about something. Actually talk. Pick a subject, any subject. Just not sit there with one sentence conversations about nothing really. And try to type out your words even if you don't use proper punctuation. I can't always understand all comp lingo/abbreviations so you'll find we have better conversations if I can understand you. Oh, you'll also find that I type - and I type a lot. *LOL*

5) Please don't be offended if I can't chat with you at the moment. I am the world's worst multi tasker and have difficulties handling even two chats at a time with this program. Please bear with me if you do try to have a conversation with me and I'm slow to respond or decline a chat at the moment.

My Homepage Basic Rules:

1) No beggers. Seriously, I try to give a lot of gifts to people (even though the generosity counter is currently broken at the moment) and I don't have a lot of credits. Plus, I try to give when given to and sometimes just because I care. But don't ask me to give you anything. I just won't do it. Your message won't be replied to and I'll delete it from my hp. Now, if it's a request for something to be developed that you're asking for? That can possibly be arranged. ^_~

2) No chain messages. I'll just delete them. I don't believe in them at all. Never have, never will. So again sorry - but no chain messages.

3) I do my best to reply to everyone's messages that they leave me in some form or fashion, but sometimes it can take me awhile or if I get a lot of messages, I just can't keep up. I will continue to do my best with this and hope that everyone can understand if I don't respond to your message. It's really nothing personal. I might just be busy in my life at the time. Also, as of late, I don't really visit this page very often. I have been full blown with full time work and hobbies outside of the internet, so if I seem eternally "afk" - there is a good, legitimate reason for this.

That's all I can think of for now, but I might add more later on. ^_^

Thanks to all you read my basic rules, we'll have great conversations and you'll be most welcome on my hp if we can just keep these rules in mind.


My Gender Personality Type and IQ Score

You Are 40% Boyish and 60% Girlish
You are pretty evenly split down the middle - a total eunuch.
Okay, kidding about the eunuch part. But you do get along with both sexes.
You reject traditional gender roles. However, you don't actively fight them.
You're just you. You don't try to be what people expect you to be.

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My Tarot Card And Current Emotional Self

You Are The Star
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Info About Oyuki

As the intro says - hihi, hello, and all that stuff! ^_^

Here's a few things about me, Oyuki.
I'm 30, have a cat - Neekers, and love very many things in life. Probably too many to mention and it would take me too long to do so. *LOL*

Q: What is IMVU to you Oyuki?
A: IMVU to me is a world of make believe and fantasy. It's my "escape" from the every day ordinary and fun too! I love to dress up my avi in clothes I'll never have or own or as a kitty girl or even a fairy with wings. While my avi may reflect things I like, that's all part of the game to me. I do anime cosplay and attend ren fair in rl and that's the only time you'll see me wearing period clothes or anime clothes. I wear what's comfortable the rest of the time, so if you were to meet me, I'd be wearing probably jeans and a semi fitted v-neck shirt which covers my stomach because I'm paranoid about my tummy. :P So that's what IMVU is to me. My doll that I can dress up and make believe with.

Q: The bg image you have on your hp... did you draw it Oyuki?
A: Yes, I DID draw my bg. Following my love for art, I moved on from 2D (which I still do occasionally) to 3D here on IMVU. I'm not a large dev by any means so please do not assume that I have credits to spare because all of my "spare" credits go to making more products for everyone to enjoy. I take great pride in the quality, clarity, detail, and my personal level of perfection (which is never easy to achieve, believe me - I'm my own worst critic) of my items. I hope it shows and that everyone will love them too. ^_^

Q: What kind of costumes do you like Oyuki?
A: Hmm, this is a big one because there's always new things to make and new patterns coming out. In real life, I'm a fairly active seamstress. I have made both anime and non anime costumes for both my friends and on commission (although, I no longer do commission work at this time). I'm a Japanese anime costume fan and a historical costume fan from anything ranging from medieval times to renaissance times - 1700's, 1800's outfits, Victorian, European, pirates, real true to form style kimonos and non true to form altered kimonos, also some fantasy too. I also love corsets of many styles and types from different periods along with hoop skirts, crinolines, and bustles. I love capes and certain types of hats as well. ^_^ Just about the only costumes I'm not into are biblical or prairie and perhaps some of the Gothic costumes I've just seen wayyyy too much of. Oh, I'm also a Gothic Lolita costume fan too. I've made a good many costumes in my mini costume career so far and I definitely plan on making many many more. (You should see my pattern collection! *LOL*) I am also a competitive seamstress and have won quite a few awards in anime competitions I've entered.

Q: What do you do for a living Oyuki?
A: I won't tell you exactly what I do for a living due to my personal level of privacy, but I'll let you know it's in the medical field. I work at one full time job and have just become licensed in my second field of medical work and will launch this shortly. This consumes most of my time during the days. If only I had just 5 more hours in a day I'd be so much better off! This means I'm not actually on IMVU a lot to chat, but everyone once in awhile I will visit the forums here instead when I'm not working.

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Special Someone
Who believed in me and wouldn't let me quit on myself. Thankyou Silk, it means the world to me.
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