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Special Someone

I love the way he

Look at me the way he

over look my prombles and the me everthing will turn out rite and that he love me

Very much and won't let nada happen 2 he's my

Everthing and i am his like the songs

You're my heart nd soul

Over each other prombles & i can laugh as

U hide under tthe bed frm my imvu dad hehe my

Baby my little

Angel who's a great father 2 his

Baby girl meg luv u so much my

Young Funny Boyfriend
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M3 and My boo I LUV U honey always will
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Avatar since: 2006-08-20
Age: 28
United States - IL
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"Happly in luv w/ my baby Erazure (AdRaMaLeCh333) luv u baby always & 4ever"

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Hii i'm Briana last name is unknown right now lol.I"m 18 and a mother of three (yes i said three).yes i'm TAKEN he lets me know that he loves me and is always here 4 me know matter what. Like right now in times like this when i need him then most love u Babe (AdRaMaLeCh333).To Daniangel u r wounderful 2 me u r here 4 me and my loveing baby-sister krystal who loves u and daddy (Flynite) never forget i'm here 4 u like i'm here 4 her which mean 24/7 never let nobody worry stay strong a a guy i onces loved like a father told me that (hehe) love you so much (MyBoolittleDiva). My little sis Krystal i luv and i'm here 4 u i know when u come in the house late i yell at u it's all because i luv u and don't want u to get hurt always remember me and ur mother r here 4 u and always will b so is my mother and remember we will always louve u k ~mwah~ never let nobody put u down because i will kick some ass remeber love u so much i know i sad it like over a thousand times but i really do (Babyk58) to all my imvu sister the same goes for u expect 4 the stay out late thing ~mwah~ luv u all found this girls layout at I LOVE HIMPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket found this girls layout at
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