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I HAVE A FEW RULES 1: DONT LEAVE WITHOUT LEAVING A MSG! 2: DONT LEAVE RUDE MSG'S! HAHAHA LOL WHO AM I JOKING.. hehe YOU CAN DO WAT U WANT! I H8 FUKIN RULES ;) xx *Hey my name is Jamie-leigh im 18 in sep yay.. my sister got 3rd in my race car the otha night i was sooo proud of her! i love the speedway and i love my 250 ktm dirt bike! i also love my job im a modell.. and my fav colour is pink but i bet u already noticed that lol ;) im a really nice person and u should get to no me better so make sure u leave a msg xx*font> JUST SO EVERY 1 KNOWS MY COMP IS REAL SLOW SO SUMTIMES I HAVE PROBLEMS TRYING TO REPLY! :) xx
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x3cute couple x3[inside]Love Sick Panda ST Jeans*SG* Baby Angel DressWow Mauve SEXYMATERIAL GIRL
Invisable Bench[Fly] Mascara Tears[DN] Insane EscapeeMellow Yellow Bikini TopMellow Yellow Bottoms
`Blue + Purple CamiGroup Shot-o-ramaGrey SkinniesButterflies Long TubeTopPink Towel Wrap
[E] Lola Tube Dressspacerspacerspacerspacer
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I have a few new pics on my slide! :) (there not good) But atleast there me
* Thanx for visiting my page *
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