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Special Someone
<--- ez da shizit. Mess with her and i will rip your teeth out =o.

An Amazing Dev && My Imvu Bestie. I have known you longer than I have known most of my real friends so that makes you special. Mess with her and I will pull your hair out.
One of my favorite people to talk too. I'm glad we've stayed in touch. Mess with him and I will cut your limbs off.
My real life sister. I miss you retard <3. Mess with her and I will feed you to all the crazy furries i know. Thanks for allways being there for me.

My Rankings
Please don't beg for gifts! I give gifts to people who get to know me, I'm only a tooth fairy when I know you well or you know me well, and not once do you mention getting a present. I also don't send out any birthday gifts unless I know you. I love getting gifts, and normally return the favor. I also run contests so theirs no reason to ever beg me or ask me for creds.

Also note that telling me its your birthday (and expecting a gift), rudely offering me favors in exchange for gifts as in "your so cool gimme creds and i make u picture", or trying to sucker me into some sort of lame charity is all begging. They are MY credits. If I'm not offering your not asking.
friendly Friends 24
visitors Visitors 2505
kharma Gifts 23
generosity Generosity 1100

My Wish List
Gifts are not required but much appreciated ^^.
C** Chika Psychomadra purpleTwinkle Eye ~BlueBUTTERFLY WEDDING SANDALRed Flamenco Dress
Sexy Red Lace Dress*L Pink Sexy Flower OutfChilds Flower Girl PinkRainbow CheryleMint Avril 6
Sweetpea Fairy PVC ShoesSmall Fairy Sparkle Feet(SB) Rep sexy love.Butterfly Flowerrainbow fairy costume
Resenting Butterfly Top*Jo* Rainbow Bikini*Jo* Butterfly Top Bluespacerspacer

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