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United States - MA
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IMVU ONLY" ~*~ Welcome to thes show”I'm the main attraction ~*~
Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Friendship

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you have become my best friend!! i am grateful to have u in my life & i love u to pieces!! (no ladies, he is NOT my man!!!)
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[D]  S -  NANA DRESS*Diamond Heels🐾Jackie BlackJ | Eda brunette🍒 angel blue nails
Lace + Rhinestone LLDiamond Choker! Millionaire Dress RLLShoulder ScalerBlack swan ballet shoes
Halloween Scarecrow Boottirzah caramelK| Scarecrow Hair BRWScarecrow Hazelnut^B^ Scarecrow Dress
ARL-baggy pantspants RLLShorts  RLLLeather Shorts RLLEvolution Carnival Ride

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