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I Have Another Imvu Account Because My Other Avi Is My Main Account And Is Known For My Other Passion Purple !!!But Here I Get To ENjoy The Dressing Up
My Interests
I So Love The Disney Princesses Its Something I Love To Share With My Nieces ,Im Just A Big Kids Who Loves The Fantasy World Im A Big Fan Of Ladybugs Purple And Animals!!!! I Love Buffy Characters any Character Is Awesome To Dress Up And Pretend Im Also A Big Fan Of Harry Potter Too I Love All The Houses i have characters from each house : You already met Leila from Ravenclaw , Gryffindor Student Sarah is pure blood. Another Pure Blood Is Slytherin student Sabrina very scarey at what she does Her Twin Sister Is Hufflepuff student Sophie who is the total opposite!!! Now For The Made Up House Purple Piagewood Meet Ella She Loves School And IS Obsessed With Fairies She Is A Hard Worker And Loves Visiting Hogwarts
australia, leo, fanasty, ladybugs
My Wish List
[Is] Marilou Black[Is] Cora Button Eyes!S Coraline Bundle-Mirai[Is] Prettiness Head[Is] Taira Black
E|X CHILD RED OUTFIT-K- Ladybug Top Piercing-K- LadyBug Belly P.-K- LadyBug Chest Chain-K- Ladybug Lumbar Chain
Kids Buzzy Bee BundleKids Ladybug bowsKids Red Polkadot socksKids Cute Lady Bug FitLoveBug Nursery Room
*Oopsy* LBugLounge BndlLadybug Nailsspacerspacerspacer
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