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"domestic violence”and abuse supportxxx"

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<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 UPDATE 7th November 2016 Hi!!!!

How are you? I've been away for some time as you can see but have spent that time enhancing my knowledge so that I can help lovely people like you.

I can't believe where time flies, life certainly needs to be lived and I want to help you to have fun, to move forward and to enjoy our prescious time.

Having experienced first hand the actions of domestic abuse and the effects upon my children and myself, I would like to invite any women or teenager here that is under the frightening shadow of abuse to therapy chat sessions in my customised virtual clinic.

If you would like to come to marriage counselling, I can arrange that too, If you are a man that has become jealous of his wife or girl friend and you are becoming obsessed and aggressive please come and chat too by yourself. It would be better if the abuse was prevented whilst in its infancy than from developing into something very nasty. you don't want your partner to only be with you because of fear.

lets address these problems here and now because we dont live forever, these actions bear the fruit of misery and steal time from you, making your future a mess.

If you are a guy that thinks women are there for sex, and that you are in your rights to expect sex on a first meeting or even to take sex without consent given then this is rape. Don't be proud of that. lets talk and help you address whats going on.

Everyone's behaviour has a root cause. Lets discuss that and get to the bottom of your emotions.

I am here to help. I am healing from domestic violence myself. I shall be charging for my services at some point but at present they will be free.

I am trained in real life as a teacher, a carer, a nutritional therapist , a hynotherapist, a life coach, a supplements advisor , a religious teacher, a women's leader, and I am a mother to four uni students, one apprentice and two school children. I was married for 20 years to a man that Women's Aid described to me as 'a grown monster' I had grown a monster by being too afraid to say no, until he could literally tell me he was going to kill me and I still stayed. That was the power of fear he had of me.

I want to get you women and your children out of that situation and to safety. Men, my husband lost his wife and his seven children because of his behaviour. If you can see this happening to you too, come ask for help. lets control this before it gets out of hand.

Men on the dating scene - you uni students and older men that meet up with girls for a drink then assault them and rape them, you will be reported, this is not cool behaviour. Girls, please come and chat to me if you are vulnerable to guys abusing you and taking advantage of you. I want to help make you strong in the real world.

From the age of 8 or 9 I was being abused, it went on through each relationship, I was afraid of confrontation and my no was never taken seriously. All of my sexual experiences from the start were uninvited.

Please let me strengthen you so you do not end up with years lost to sorrow from the consequences .xxxxxx private and confidential. I share the Freedom Program also

Let's do this. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- May 25th 2013 ... Life goes on! On 24th June 2011 I remarried! He is a really sweet guy, loves me and respects me which is very cool. Been away awhile again, trying to settle down getting house in order etc etc, and haven't had much access to a computer to get on IMVU, but here I am. :-D Time to catch up and catch my breath from the years that have passed!

Things are not as rosy as I would like them, new hubby and my kids don't get on too well which causes me heartache and most days I think poor hubby doesn't deserve all the trauma of living with me with my ails, and the children not accepting him too well, but he is trying and only time will tell how things will turn out.

I have missed people, I've been quite a hermit and not had opportunity to be mixing with anyone, had some health issues, also preliminary marriage problems and anxieties. Still waiting to go on our honeymoon but hubby was made redundant the month before he met me, and was unemployed for two years so we struggled to make ends meet. I shall put some pics up for you of our wedding day :-D Poor health has put weight on me so I need some encouragement to stop comfort eating and focus on losing the two stone and several sizes in dress on since getting married :-/

I hope to be back to sprucing up the items I have created, and making new ones as well as having chats with ladies that would like to chatter about life experiences, and of course I want to chat to my old mates ... hope they are still around here someplace! If you are a guy and want a chat, that's cool and great as long as we are no more than buddy talk :-D Glad that you understand.

During my absence I appear to have been blessed in studying life, and researching my LDS faith. Things have changed in my views and opinions, although I still do believe that generally LDS folk are some of the nicest people you will ever meet, there are some that get hold of the wrong end of the stick and follow man-made rules instead of the Lord's Holy Spirit but they mean no harm.

My research has led me to believe that Joseph Smith had nothing to do with the introduction of polygamy into the LDS faith back in the 1840's and that it was in fact Brigham Young which brought the error into the Church, and introduced others errors bringing persecution upon the otherwise godly church. That period of time (of errors) ended way back in the early 1900's, but as the current leadership has not withdrawn the past statements (of errors) it has been hard to retain new membership as they discover the past, which is a great shame as the LDS church is a fabulas organisation to be a part of, it really is edifying as long as you take with a pinch of salt anything that is taught you that the Holy Spirit doesn't confirm to you, and no, I do not believe it is God's only true church as that was destroyed when Joseph Smith died, but was carried on in a sense in any good person who lived by the letter of the Spirit instead of the letter of false laws.

SO, Yep, my views are LDS as far as the teachings of Joseph Smith goes, but any leader that practiced polygamy loses my confidence and vote, and anyone that fosters a belief of it in their hearts is deceived. People are free to worship as they please and live as they please, I am not against that, but there is no evidence that God introduced polygamy as a commandment and going back to the beginning of time, the first polygamous wives were taken by an evil man....

Anyways that is another story! I love people of all colours and creeds, and love chatting about all kinds of things that are wholesome and good. :-D I am not perfect, I have lost my way but in losing it, I found my way more perfectly ... discovered who I am and what is important and just trying to get on with life in a way I feel is right.

I have gone through many experiences, and can empathise with many a situation... a hug for you and empathy for those struggling in life to make it through each day, that are suffering abuse of any kind, or depression of any kind, or illness of body or mind, or loss of loved ones, or lack of love given you, or feeling alone in the world, I empathise with you. You are welcome to chat with me, I am still a bit of a shaky nervous wreck but I am pulling through and to communicate with others in like situations would be comforting to hopefully you and I.

I still have hopes and dreams, I let go of them for a while but am beginning to grasp them again and place them back in my mind and to allow God to lead me, to show the way and I am learning to not be impatient for his blessings and direction as we cannot hurry learning as such, our lives are learning experiences and we get to where we are going as fast as we have grasped faith to trust, to let go of our fears, to let go of worrying about others judgement, to let go of the destruction we put ourselves through by trying to please all and sundry against the soothing peace the Holy Ghost gives, in other words, we have all the peace within us, all the love, all the answers if only we would just shut down our ears from the world and from its criticism and judgement and just do what feels right! Then we are at one with God, then we can move forward.

We spend too long in comfort zones, too afraid of what pain we might face if we move out of them, we comfort eat, comfort watch tv, or other entertainment to numb us from real life, afraid to move on, afraid to let go of people that are no good for us. We cling on as if we can't survive .... out of our comfort zone, but to be led of God is to tune into him and go out of familiar pastures to where he leads us whether spiritually, physically or mentally, but I am in that bracket at present ... of flexing my self in preparation but still not leaving my comfort zone till I have regained some health and strength for more of lifes journey.

Yes, I rant, thankyou for listening. I am wacky too ... as you will discover if I let myself relax and put my past behind me :-D

I love craft things, drawing, bringing colour to life, loving people, I love books, studying, I love buttons! I love excitement, I love listening to music loud in my car when its workiing :-D I love dancing crazily! I love tasty yummy food, I love snuggles and being held tight for ages, I love poetry, I love nature, I like trying to make things .... out of resources I already have, I like to dream, I am becoming interested in new things too ... healing, native indians, other peoples faiths, languages, countries, histories, archaology, laughter, cooking, thrift shopping, pleasing my kids, driving, countryside, cities, rivers, seas, hills, flowers, trees, ... I am interested in many things! In health also, foods that health, things that damage health, cures for ills, herbs, non-genetically modified stuff, sunshine, exercise, praying, painting and decorating ... family history, old family photos, keeping a journal, making things for my kids, and the list goes on.

I recently began a blog at also have a twitter account wacky_chipmunk and facebook account... which I will share with my dearest friends. I have credits for sale too, if you would like to ask me about them, inbox me :-D

Hugs my friends xxx I look forward to meeting with you for a chat!
Relationship Status: Married
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Hey hey hey!! Hello people, I hope you have enjoyed visiting my page and that it has bought a smile to your face. I am a latter-day saint (aka I go to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) and if you would like to know more, please ask.... I say this because its teachings have bought alot of calm into my life when all about me was like a raging storm, so if you are searching for something that you feel is missing in your life and you cant put figure out what it is, check out You never know it might be just what you was looking for, but couldnt put your finger on it! Anyways, carry on enjoying my page and please come back again. xxx
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6th September 2007 I am happy today. IMVU are cleaning up, they have set clear standards as to what is acceptable for general audience and so I am looking forward to seeing more well dressed people, less distracting to normal conversation! I am also happy that I have received so many nice messages. I havent chatted IM recently, but I am hoping to soon. My confidence in people is building up again. I used to only see good in people, so my shock was all the worse.. but now with people showing me their good side, I am feeling a bit better. Thank you to the decent people xxxxx hugs and gratitude are sent your way. muah

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Tuesday 15th May 2012

Old blogg history ... Hello everyone!!!!! Friends and visitors, buyers and old buddies ..... I have a story to tell and it won't be quick, but I am back and finding my feet again. In October 2008 I plucked up the courage and strength to pack a few things and leave my home behind. My estranged husband at the time would not leave me alone after we had separated in Mar 2007. I had a breakdown from his threats to kill me if I left him and even though he had moved out, it was just to around the corner. I was petrified of him. He would get very violent and fierce and also be demanding and I fell pregnant twice more and miscarried from his abuse of me.

At Easter 2008 I was in hospital under anesthetic from having a D&C and as I came out of my sleep I had been telling the nurses of the things my ex had done to me and they told me to get away. I didn't but after wanting to kill myself from the abuse, me and my seven children packed suitcases and ran away. I was 39, my eldest child 17 and my youngest 6. I drove for hours and hours to get as far away as possible. Even though my ex had moved out in 2007, he had moved himself back in and lived under my roof without paying anything and taking any money I had as well as using my body and claiming I was HIS possession.

He just would not ever go, I had the guts to order him to leave on one occassion in 2008 and he went to live with his parents ... but he kept turning up at mine on a Friday under the premise to see the children and then he would manipulate me to have him stay then he would not leave and this kept happening and hence we had to run away from our own place!!!

The children were traumatized by him too, he would often be aggressive and moody and would hurt the boys. They all voted to running away too. We had suffered for many years secretively without telling anyone! I had met my husband in 1988 and so it was 20 years of fear that I naively suffered without a clue that I had the RIGHT to leave and the RIGHT to not stand for the abuse!!! I was too afraid to leave. I literally was so afraid of him that I dared not even think of making him more angry by leaving him .... but I was wrong and now I am strong and I want other women to know that you do not need to put up with violence, or threats or sexual abuse or verbal insults or physical abuse. You are a human being with rights.

I did not know that to be begin with. I felt guilty that I was a sinner running away. I felt I was meant to suffer. But I had prayed for help and help came and so I knew God was taking care of us and had protected us for this long. For two weeks we lived with strangers in a far away county that were friends of a friend, then we were in bed and breakfast for another two weeks, then in a dirty run down hostel for another three weeks and it was only a week or so from Christmas 2008 and was despairing that we had run away to be homeless forever it seemed .. and I contemplated returning to my ex because life was so unstable not knowing what was happening and I was already worn out from years of fear and also raising a family and wondered when the trouble would cease .... and I crumbled but my children were stalwart for me, they gathered around and each wrote me a letter for me to read telling me not to give up, and not for me to take them back and that they would rather stay in a run down hostel with drug needles laying on the floor with sick stained into the carpets and broken locks and broken doors and burgalar alarms going off all night .... than to return to their dad!!!

God heard our prayers and in all that time we were fed and taken care of by devout christians who seemed to have been perfectly prepared to look after our needs. It was incredible!!! We were cared for in every way. And just as December began, a house was found for us to rent :-) And we lived there happily for a matter of weeks.

But then my ex was on our trail and making contact. He had sent social services after us, and tried to get custody of the children. The children spoke to social services and meetings were set up and my children were deemed at risk, so they were put on a child protection register because it was considered that I was too vunerable to protect them from their father without the help of police and social worker protection. Nevertheless they made a blunder and after only five months of living in our new environment, we had to move. Our address had been inadvertantly given to my ex and child protection told us to move house the same day!!!!!! So we were on the move again with nowhere to stay!!

We moved into a run down house which was unfit and then I confided at last in my family as to what had been going on (my ex kept me away from my family and I could never tell anyone anything because he would always appear just as I would be asking for help and because I actually believed he could kill me, or anyone that had the guts to stick up for me, I kept quiet, too scared to even text anyone or phone until 2008!!! Anyway, a brother put us up for a couple of weeks, then a sister, and then a friend of my sisters. We were all the time looking for another property to rent but it took another six months living in a couple of rooms in that house before settling again in a place of our own. In the meantime I received counseling for abuse and taught how to be strong and not vunerable, and that I did not have to live in fear. We had police protection and a net-work of friends and family to fall back on now that we had actually spread the word and that gave us protection from my ex. I also managed to divorce my husband too through an online site and it was on all three accounts that it was granted.

My children have been through alot, moving from school to school and area to area, but they are stable now and able to blossom into the people they want to be without fear.

I had friends help me out ... a good friend of mine on here .... LUMINOUSSUN lent me the money to buy a car after mine broke down. I have still yet to pay him back, but he was best friend in my darkness , also another friend on here ... YELLABELLY was a great help listening to my problems on the phone and comforting me and even giving gifts for the children.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints provided food, clothing, shelter, therapies, counseling, friendship and care. It has been an exhausting journey but also what I needed to do. For a long time I was scared, afraid to go out, afraid to shop, afraid of open spaces .... I had been abused so long that I felt wicked to spend money or be out. I had been an at home mum with no money for years and suddenly I was a free person allowed to do what I wanted and I was scared. So silly of me!! Like living in a cage when you have the key to open it and get out. I felt as if I was a sinner getting out of the cage and being outside!!! That was then, and it has taken me over 3 years to calm down and not be so jumpy, but life is good and its mine now. I made a police report against my ex and so did my children but the system does not put away people without witnesses or evidence and of course bullies don't bully and threaten in public, mostly only behind closed doors and smile and be nice in public. That was my ex. The charmer, noone would believe it, and still I am treated with suspicion by others. To them I would say ... why would I run away from my own home and why would my children agree to go with me if he was wonderful???

And that is evidence enough. Two of my sons are still mentally disturbed by the abusive effects of their dad upon them, they wish he were dead. He was not so bad with the girls, bit of a sugar daddy to them but he still was aggressive and scary with them and we would all just try to stay on the right side of him and keep him humoured. I spent most of my marriage humouring him because anything else he would get stormy angry about and smash things or turn like the incredible hulk, it was frightening but other times he would be loving and nice and I held onto that .. I stayed because I thought he would change or that he would realise what he was doing.

So that is some of my story. Sorry it was long!! There are womens organisations out there to help, they will provide shelter, financial help and advice also be there for you. If you are suffering, tell your partner ... if he won't listen he is not worth being with, and even more importantly if you are too afraid to tell him you are unhappy and scared of him then that in itself is evidence to get out.... for the sake of your own life and the sake of your children angels will provide the way. I know angels helped me, and I also believe my dead relatives were nearby too leading us and encouraging us along.

And, as you can see, I am back on IMVU and re-organising my page!!!! I will be updating many more things, I have learnt so much in these few years and my mind has been opened. I have so much to share with you about so many things that have helped me .... health things, spiritual things, confidence building stuff and a whole lot more. I am eager and excited to tell you the things I have discovered.

I will also be developing more things and enhancing anything I have previously made. Love sent out to you all, you are not alone, and things can always get better. Take the rudder of your life and steer it :-) I'm having a good go.. And as my eldest son said to me.... a sailor is made strong by the waves he rides, not by the calm seas. So whatever is tough, makes us stronger and there is a solution for every problem if only we be patient to find it, or still enough to hear and feel it.

And sometimes our suffering is so we can be compassionate to others. Unless we experience stuff, we cannot help others suffering. Hugs xxxxx sunshine xxxxxx love xxxxx and lets hope we can find some 'wackyness' still within us even after the darkest hour. Help me also also as my humour has waned but its in there someplace!!! On with the day!!! xxxx

January 2008,

Hey Everyone!! I am excited to wish you all a Happy NEW Year. Last year was a trying year for me, and I am guessing its been that way for many people. I have my hopes that this year I will be stronger and more capable of achieving that which I set out to achieve. So, best wishes to you all in fulfilling your dreams one step at a time, and I hope we are all successful! Enjoy my crazy page and have a good day. Hugs, and fun, Wackychipmunk xxxoooxxxoooxxxx

11th October 2007,

Okey Dokey, Well, I have had lots of nice people visit my page and leave nice messages and this has been a great help. So, from public demand from all the guys that are nice, I have taken down my previous diary entry (you can still read it within the street team panel), and I anticipate some clean and fun interesting conversations. I am hoping that the period ahead will be the opposite of my previous experience. I will block and report any guy that asks for naked pictures and says he is horny etc etc. I am a fun, friendly girl, please don't take this as me flirting, I'm a mad hatter with everyone and consider everyone as my mum, dad, bro and sister, son or daughter, .... but not my husband lol, Thank you, hugs.

(update 12th Oct 07), Sorry everyone! Hugs, ~wackychipmunk~
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I love miss piggy!!! she is so me! ha

BLOGG Old blogg ! (Now 43! but feel 23!) The real me :- age 38, plump, married and mother to seven children aged from 17 down to 5. I like to be calm and patient.

I am very friendly and have always tried to make people feel good about themselves. I have been raised in a way that I have never thought anything of myself ... ie never told I was loved, and was bullied at school etc, so I have always considered myself beneath everyone.

I found faith which made me feel good about myself and I felt at ease with God. I like to add a bit of sunshine by giving everyone a smile and sincere compliment. I am a bit of a tom-boy.

I like a banter and a tease, being a bit of a michief in a fun way. I am interested in many things... how things work, the planet, making stuff, learning new skills.

From 2001 till 2006 I was doing a degree which took all my time studying science and the education of mathematics. I also did a bit of teacher training ... yep .. I had some classroom experience which was quite an eye opener. I came on IMVU to unwind from my years of study, I wanted to get back to socialising. Recently I have tried out the IMVU Treasure Hunt ... which game you have to play quick to win ... but I havent won yet lol cos I get distracted reading the home pages when searching for treasure...... but I don't have time to leave a message, so if I have visited your page and not left a message it might be because I was searching for treasure.

I enjoy colourful sweet pages the most and sometimes leave gifts randomly because I like your blogg, page or just felt generous. I hope you enjoy my page.

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Dear Buddies, thankyou for adding me, or accepting me as a buddy... I really appreciate it. Have been busy living life but now excited to be back on IMVU! Hope to speak soon xx

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