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Age: 36
United States - CA
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"a time for no regreats."

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age is only a mesure of time ,that i dont know you,,,,it is only a fact of more life,,,,,,come find me,,,,,for you all is friends,i have not meet yet,and i waite to do that.......
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look Deep in the eyes of love,,,,for the eyes is the windows of the soul,and in them tells no lie of who you are,,tells no story other than the truth,,,,,and tells who is in side the body you carry with you,,,yes my friends, it is the in side that counts,,not the outer beauty..for if your soul is pure,,,it will show,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Thank you al for comming to my home page,i hope you found something you will like,and will come back to say hello.i would like to know each one of you,,,,i wish you all happness,,,,,and have lots of fun here on imvu,,,,,,,love ya ~Raven~ < please, while you are here, add your self to my map, join me in the friendship circle from all over the world,there are no strangers here on imvu, only friends you have not meet yet, PLEASE let me know who you are,,
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welcome all to my hp..please come back.and catch me on and chat,if you can
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What elemental dragon are you? [awrsome pics!]

You are the metal Dragon!

You have bones of steel, and feelings of steel as well. You are a very supportive person, your strong-willed and very commited. You love rough-and-tumble situations, it's also hard for you to stay out of trouble.

But you do have a soft side! Relationships are very strong, and you seem to dominate...Maybe they are just strong because you yourself are strong! One life-partner is all you need.

Friend-wise, you have rock solid friends, who stick by you no matter what. And they are usually all metal Dragons like yourself!

You are socialable, you arn't afriad of speaking up for yourself, and your a bit of a daredevil, which attracts more of those metal Dragon friends!

metal Dragons can be a bit tempermental, but not as much as Fire Dragons. They have control over their actions and usually take their anger out on physical activity.
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a friend to the end,,,,,a friend indeed....and a friend to value,,,,,thank you for being you,,,,,,

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