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"I\'m switter-beet."

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Well let's get right down to it. I don't really hand out my name, but you can call me Gna because it's like my nickname. I don't want to talk to beggars or perverts, I can't gift people and I'm not interested in cybering you, sorry fools. I'm hardly on IMVU anymore so I apologize to all of my friends out there who miss me or still are aware of my existence. I've just kind of lost interest in chatting; I have on and off periods of time where I feel like coming on constantly or where I just don't want to get involved at all. I still answer messages so always feel free to send some.

Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Chatting
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Only get me something if you REALLY, REALLY want to. I'm saving up fredits for them. And, be warned, I CANNOT pay anyone back. I use fredits, and I cannot buy credits, so only gift me if you're feeling very generous. And no, I will almost NEVER have a blank wishlist. Please don't make it a goal to clear it.