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Avatar since: 2008-04-26
Age: 41
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"Trapsing the darkest hallways of Neverness"

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nb. 30th Novemember 2008
I seek nothing for now, as I'm still sick as a dog and will be for a time yet. I doubt Ill be around much anyway. However, I especially don't need any more pretend dominants, those that lie so well the lie is their reality, or ones that need to keep those they own a secret. Or claims of love.. -gah- Males suck.

So, let us see if this works....

Okies, so it does...

~dances around the room like an idiot.
looks around embarrassed and quickly composes myself again~

Now, a few things about me.

Greetings to whomever happens by my page,

I am submissive in real life. I have no real use for role playing a part which I am not. I have been owned in real life and find online ownership a tad.. um... how shall we say... unfulfilling. I guess I've been spoiled with experiencing the whole M/s - m/s in real life.

I may be considered a submissive masochist; I need to serve and crave pain at times. To me, the lifestyle, if it is not just a kink-based role-play, is 99% psychological and only 1% physical/sexual. As good as the kinky sex is, it plays a very minute part of the lifestyle, at least for me. The Master and slave, in completely different ways, take on the role of parent, lover, friend, psychologist, muse, punisher and teacher. I am most likely missing a few roles... Both Master and slave are not super humans; they are only human after all. They make mistakes, but they learn from their mistakes to grow and evolve into better people in the vanilla and this world.
The lifestyle is not an easy one, it is often harder to maintain than a regular vanilla marriage. However, if one can make it work it is the most rewarding of partnerships. Master and slave bond could be considered a mutual symbiotic relationship as opposed to a parasitic or co-dependant one. Each person needs something that the other person can give and it acts as a beautiful balance between the two (or more) that are involved. Without the other, they are neither Master nor slave. Two halves of a whole that need to be joined in order to be complete.

Hmmm I thinks I've rambled enough for now.

I wish you well,


Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Friendship
Special Someone
okami145253 has no special someone.
I am owned by my lil’ man, Zac.
A big wimp of a cat who holds my heart in his paws.
I helped birth Zac and his siblings when I was looking after his pregnant mother for a friend. One of his siblings was breech; it was a very interesting experience trying to pull the slimy little body out of mummy cat without harming either mother or kitty. Zac was the big bully of the litter, I didn’t much liked him for that reason and yet, he is the one that won my heart.
When it is cold, he sleeps in bed with me under the covers, stretched out by my side with his paw resting on my chin or the side of my throat.
Like a Man, he has a habit of snoring and hogging the bed.
He is my lil’ man.
My Master.
The love of my life…
And my bastard child.
Fussy, bed hogging, snoring, ankle-biting lil’ fur ball that he is.
Yes, yes.. I'm the crazy cat lady down the street. ~grins~

My dearest lil’ Vampire.
My bestest friend here on IMVU. He is one of the sweetest, kindest men that I have had the pleasure of meeting. I am glad that he stopped by to say ‘hello’.
Yeppers, I lovers my lil’ Vampire. :)

And last but not least, my dear Boo. A lovely friend with a sense of humour and level of silliness that rivals my own.
Chock full of pleasant surprises he is.
No, he is not my Master, so you girls need not get your panties twisted into a knot. But do be nice to him, else you have a crazed, very angry female after your ass. ~smiles ever so sweetly~
He is my friend, and my lil’ Boo. :)

How can I forget my lil’ Maw. For being under 25, he is the most intelligent, sweetest little/big man I’ve come across.
He is full of surprises and always good if you need a hug.
And he does have a sweet accent.
Please be nice to him, else you’ll have me to worry about.
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Yes, -shock horror- I'm starting to play around with deriving things. I know, I know, I'm bored, and a perfectionist.. Not sure if that is a good combination or not. ~laughs~
Anyhoos, just playing around for now. We'll see how things go.
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Greetings to all who happen to wander past,

Thank you for passing through. I do hope that you enjoy your time here and find something of interest.
Many of you may be passing by because I first snooped on your own page.
My sincerest apologies for not leaving a message if I have silently padded by; I feel it is not one’s place to speak before being spoken to, nor do not I believe in cut and paste messages. This is just who I am. I will speak if I have something I feel is worth saying, otherwise I remain a silent observer watching from the shadows in the darkened halls of this odd and horribly addictive place.

Again, thank you sincerely for your time.

I wish you well,


Thursday 19th June 2008


Ohh yes,
if you do try to chat and you time out, I am either away from my computer or the chat request has frozen the screen for a few seconds and I've been unable to accept or decline in time. I'm still having trouble with the chat thingy working, but I dare say that everyone is having the same problems. Please do leave a message if you are unable to catch me in chat. I will get back to you as soon as I am able.
Thank you.

I wish you well.

My Friends (13)

Just quickly, I am not here to find myself a huge collection of friends. I will choose quality over quantity any day.
If you add me as a friend, please do not take offense if I do not add you in return until I have spoken to you a few times either with messages or chat. I would be grateful if you left a message instead of just adding me, or at least attempt to chat with me.
I’ve had people add me that have never even looked at my profile or tried to speak to me. And I have had people that I added when I first joined and only spoken to once. I don’t get it.

Also, you may find that I delete you from my list if I have not spoken to you in a while. I do like to talk with my friends from time to time, whether it a few short sentences or a long winded boring ramble. Therefore, if I have not spoken to you since I first added you, I will filter down my list. Again, I mean no offense with this action but I am not here to “collect“ people.

I wish you well.

Thursday 19th June 2008


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