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Hello there. I'm 28 years old. I'm half white, and half filpino, born in California, never learned Tagalog, or any other language. The following is a picture of me:
It's fairly recent.

I read sappy romance novels, because I know they have happy endings. I love Twilight. So sue me. I also love Harry Potter, and Hunger Games. All books I read over and over again, along with various John Green books, and Hyperbole and a Half.

I don't go out much. Much as in rarely ever at all. Mayhaps hanging out occasionally with a friend. Or a trip to a store. Don't feel bad for me, it's my own preference. Originally, I thought it was due to lack of friends, but thinking deeper, I'm just not the outgoing type. I don't feel comfortable in public, crowded situations, (stage fright) nor in small, private scenes. So, what do I do? I play on the computer. I play There, and play vSide, though I do tend to make an occasional visit here and very rarely Second Life.

I like to craft and write reviews on makeup and nail polish. Those are my hobbies. Ha. I might be considering hopping back in to the world of imvu creators though. We'll see.

I come on imvu in hopes of finding new people to talk to. New friends. But so far, no such luck. And it's my fault. I'm not a talker. I'm a rambler when writing, but face to face, I tend to be more quiet. In fact, I quite enjoy sitting in a room with someone with a comfortable silence. However, comfortable silences don't happen much... instead there's forced small talk or abandonment. *sigh*

Other random facts:
-I love to slice up onions... dunno why
-Most of the 2800 visitors to my page were from FIVE YEARS AGO... lol... I was like, number 10 on the top visited pages
-Cows are my favorite animals on land, whale sharks are my favorite in water.
-If I trusted myself with handling fish, I would get a canary yellow goldfish as a pet - and name it Icarus
-I love wandering homepages, to see how everyone sets theirs up. But I don't tend to leave messages. *blush*
-I'm taken.
-I'm 28 and still love stuffed animals - sad, no?
-I'm a dog person
-I'm a sucker for Disney movies - my favorite is Tangled
-I'm also a lover of movie musicals
-When IMVU first introduced stickers to their homepages, I loved them so much I went absolutely crazy... imvu was not expecting I would have thousands of stickers... on my page... all at once... yeah... THOUSANDS of stickers. Literally.
-Ahem... I actually ended up learning my lesson - I had put up so many stickers that my computer refused to load my homepage anymore... so I had to leave it alone altogether until I was able to get a computer that was good enough to handle it
-I never went to college, maybe someday
-I daydream... a lot - it saves me from the emotions I face when back in reality
-Bananas are evil
-Aside from Pokemon, the only other anime I've ever watched was Yu Yu Hakusho - I watched that entire series and loved it... mayhaps I should look in to other animes too...
-I'm a night person, I hate the day
-I ramble when writing (sorry!)
-I log on to facebook every day, but I don't play the games anymore, and I don't post status updates
-I'm addicted to instagram, just looking at pictures of everyone's

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