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Avatar since: 2006-02-28
Age: 39
United States
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"*¡'m Th€ ß¡†©h Thªt €v€r¥ØÑ€ Hªt€§*"

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Thanks to everyone who gets me a gift on my wishlist! I always try to return the favor even if it takes sometime...much love!
There are some great developers on here, so checkout some of my favorites! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
[m] Plush Leo Hikaru(L) 9Pose Animated ChairPink Tartan BeltBlack&Hotpink DresserDP-Grunge Candy Torrid
£μη Black/Hot Pink TableDP-Grunge Candy HaedraC.D.L.C 70/07 Disco [WB]Punkette - [NBF] Dress(L) Pink Romantic Table
[V4NY] Platform bk/pink£μη Black/Hot Pink TableANN Deep V Dress BLK-PNKHoTPNk CubicleMock Waist PINK
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