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Furry Pride

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1742 posts from 6977 members
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IMVU Stamp Club

639 posts from 9723 members
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IMVU Groups Beta

2808 posts from 3253 members
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Oy! Derivables

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156 posts from 698 members
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Biggie Size Stamp Club

1047 posts from 601 members
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Where Developers & Models Come Together

300 posts from 2571 members
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Countess Of Naughtyham Designs

615 posts from 484 members
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Avatar Pictures Makers

212 posts from 3206 members
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i heart IMVU stamps!

2538 posts from 294 members
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Token & Coin Club

1487 posts from 774 members
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Bling Addicts Anonymous

1305 posts from 11636 members
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919 posts from 421 members
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AP tokens

1126 posts from 103 members
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Fluffworld - The Group

5885 posts from 457 members
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The Great Escape

1065 posts from 985 members
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20+ Badges!

1655 posts from 14398 members
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14830 posts from 51918 members
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CTG Designs

955 posts from 250 members
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Hello Kitty Lovers Group AP

1223 posts from 614 members
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Lets trade badges

324 posts from 1044 members
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4069 posts from 22658 members
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