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"Dan = love of life n bestfriend"

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Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Friendship
<3 <3 <3 <3 Avi Pics 500 Credits <3<3 <3 Hey Everyone It's Me catalina Ok listen here Bitches i am allergic To Fucking bullshit. So if you wanna throw it my way You are not going to get very far. Bitches who are jealous of what they dont have Then Either Get The Hell OFF My Page. Or Stop Hatin. The Only Reason Why I Put Up WEith You Haters Is Because You Hussies And Hoes Are Making Me Famous <3 I am Who I am And Your Approval Is Not Needed Got IT?!
Special Someone
This man right here is my actual real life boyfriend <3 So people this pretty much is me telling you NICLEY to BACK OFF =] Ty.

This is the mokst amayzing developer in the world his products are amayzing everyone should really check them out!
Omg what to say about you. Words can not describe how much i feel about you. You are my bet friend in the world! You have been there for the longest time for me. And i cant belive that you are still my best friend. You are my best friend for life!
Wow, best guy ever. Means so much to me. Has been there with me just like Boss has. He changed his name and i didnt know who he was at first x] Funny times i thought i was talking to a total stranger! x] Omg i totaly wuvs you!
This girl right here is the greatest girl in the world! the first day i met her wow it was so crazy! i miss you! you gotta come on more often and talk with me! <3
This girl right here is or was.. not sure anymore dating a good friend of mine. And he was really happy with her. and if they are stiff together they always will be happy together!
Holly FUCK! Greatest Girl developer that i know! like daymn not to mention she is drop dead gourgeous! Hunny i love your products! Everyone Check out her products i support her and all of my other developers on here! <3
This man right here is Daddy. He is the best man alive. Has treated me right.He has taken me in. And been the best Daddy in the world! ( He is not my IMVU daddy... Just ot make that clear. We all call him daddy! ) He is an awsome guy!
Great man great friend.
Mommy!!!! I loves her! Omg i misses you! <3
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everything on my wishlist is something that i want but cant offord yet.. But as soon as i can i get it. So that does not mean you got to buy me something. If you do so its greatly apprecitated! Thank you <3
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