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Please Don't Support Thieves

IF you notice a creator that is consistently UPLOADING or DERIVING off of stolen meshes, please do not support them.

IF you suspect a product may be stolen, please do not buy or derive that product.

IF you can identify the products' original content creator, please DO contact them and let them know.

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1. Are you taking custom requests?

Not for new heads at this time. However I always welcome feedback and general ideas for future public heads.

If you need small edits or changes to an already existing head, please describe and I'll let you know if I will or will not do it.

2. Can you submit X head but with/without lash/brows/eyes/etc.?

For small edits that can be done quickly with opacity maps, please try to find another creator to derive and make the changes for you. I want to try not to release so many versions of the same head. If you are not a creator and/or cannot find a creator to do this, please try the Product and Content Requests Forum.

3. Can you make x eyebrow/eye in x color?

Please link me to the particular eyebrow/eye and color swatch. These don't have priority so if and whenever I do make and submit, I'll msg you.

Also, I encourage you to first check Product and Content Requests Forum for custom eye shops.

4. Can we chat on client?

I hardly have time to chat on client so please just use IMVU's message system for all communications.

5. I left a msg and never heard back from you...?

I try to respond to msgs I get in a timely manner but msgs do tend to pile up over time. If you do not hear back from me within a few days, check:

-my last login date, I may not have had time to check up on IMVU
-make sure that you do have your account set to receive msgs from everyone

Feel free to send me a second message in case I overlooked the first one.

6. Can you tell me what skin/eye/clothes/hair/etc. you are wearing in x catalog picture?

Sure, if I recognize the item off the the bat but I probably won't go to great lengths digging through my inventory for you. Sorry :(

7. Can you make x head into a 2tone eye head?

Unless the head is originally made by me, your best bet is to contact the original mesher.

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