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Avatar since: 2005-12-24
Age: 34
United States
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"A smile somtimes says it all"

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Looking For: Friendship
About me:

***Firstly, Thank you for anyone who has purchased one! I am making bunches more, now if I could only find money/credits to upload them! Haha (PS- my stickers are very affordable for their quality, It's not about the money... I just like to make people smile.*** ** I've started to make a bunch of stickers! If you would like one, please tell me, and I will try. Plus I also like to draw! Give me a request and I will try to draw it out! Love you all, my dearies**

I go by Serena online.
I am 21.
I am 5'4"
I am married to an US Army soldierboy (infantry),
I miss him so much.
I am a chubby chick,
I need to lose weight,
I don't care enough to do so.
I am a Suicide girl.

I have a nice face,
I get bored of it.
I smile often,
I don't smile enough,
I smile to hide the tears.
I'm not happy,
I want to be happy,
I like to smile and laugh,
It makes my face hurt.
I spend too much time online.

I work at a Renassaince Faire.
I wear a corset,
Corsets don't allow me to breathe.
I work at a haunted house,
I can't walk through them.

I love to sleep
I'm afraid to wake up.
I love the night sky.
I hate the cold.
I love the feeling of the sun's rays against my flesh,
I think the sun is too bright.
I want a family,
I loathe children,
I'm good with children,
I relate to children.
I'm easy to read,
I'm confusing.
I hate liars,
I lie to hide the pain.
I hate people,
My friends keep me sane.
I like to lay in the dew kissed grass.
I like to dance in the rain,
I like standing in the rain.
I love to kiss,
I fuck more then I kiss.
I want love, I crave it,
I'm afraid of love.
I'm fuckable,
not date-able.
I'm needy.
I don't drive.
I don't like sad country songs,
I line dance.
I smoke cigs.
I don't like alcoholics,
I drink to forget the hurt.
I am proud to be Thai,
I look Mexican.
Love is exciting,
Love is Horror-ific.

Meatloaf is sexy.
Manson makes me cum.
Cooper is a genius.
Freddie is a God.

Perhaps I can say nothing about myself. Who am I to tell you who I am? Isn't that everyone comes up with their own opinion anyways? Perhaps... So I allow you to judge me, for I know who I am and hurtful words will do nothing to me. If you were to ask one of my friends they would say that I am crazy, beautiful, sexy. It is something that I never would say about myself. I am just me, nothing more and nothing less. Perhaps I am a fool... I crave love, but does that mean that I crave pain? For there is no pleasure without pain... My mind: still filled with beautiful thoughts, still trying to find what is good in life, that will never change. Still craving love and always will. A dark hidden past behind eyes that do not shake. Events that unfold in my life that you will not know... only if you you truly know me, will you know (how confusing is that?). Read through the lines, look into my eyes and touch my soul.

****If ANY of my products have a problem please tell me and I will get it fixed right away****
If you BEG for a gift, I will not give you one... don't hint... don't ask... I don't care if it's your Bday. I only give them to people who are Nice and/or my friends. -OR- when I feel like it. Don't beg... it's disgusting. I also delete many of my messages... I don't like too much clutter... plus, lessons load time.
Sorry I haven't been on, like EVER... I have moved and finally have a working computer. I will be around more. Yay!
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My FAV developers:
TagYourePregnant (Amazing stuff... all of it really. My kinda clothing -about 80% of my inventory are Tag's-)
TNT (Death from Sandman comics... need I say more?
Tangenita (Amazing Detail!)
Mayu (Generally just great! She has bigger pictures so you can see!)
Yumi (great for Lolita Gothic scene) RanewenCarnesir (she does amazing mask work, each piece is so perfectly put together, and when you request something, she does it for you in such a short period of time! She is by far the nicest person around!)
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