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Special Someone
She is my Love, my best friend, my world. I love her more than life. Always and forever.
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I do custom stickers and other requests, send me a private message if you're interested!
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Fire Wiki (PARAMORE)Tank and Corset with BowPink V-Neck and Shorts
Blue Cookie Tee&JeansSkelanimal CorsetV2 Ribcage Tubetop
My Wish List
This is really more of a shopping list, but if you'd like to buy me something go ahead.
:B Decay - P1 (Siani):B Decay - P2 (Fredo)KIKI|CantStopMeOutfitKIKI|Hate&LoveBlackKIKI|GetFreakyOutfit
~D~Silver Grey jeans+UGGS~ Pink_Diamond_Pants*!FE scene tube topBlack Headband[;D] Piercings : Scene
[s] Scene Girl Lashes v2[xB] Scene Queen~ 40 P.spacerspacerspacer

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