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Avatar since: 08/05/2006
Straight Male
Birth and Home Location: Córdoba, Argentina
Likes: Football soccer, Techno Music, Sci Fi Movies
Creator since: 03/02/2007
Occupations: System Analyst, Webmaster Coder and Software Developer

Creator achievements:
  • took part in the making of 3 promo bundles
  • Got to tier 6 in the old system and 9 in the new one

  • Coder achievements (in IMVU):
  • wrote from scratch 100+ codes for imvu homepages and product pages including generators and code helpers
  • coded 3500+ imvu homepage layouts and product pages
  • built and managing 7 different imvu related sites

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    My Websites
    The widely known coding site is being updated everyday to bring codes and code generators to a worldwide audience. Find all the popular codes and also the rare ones in gaf210Codes!
    The Biggest Imvu Bling/Badges Directory has opened the gates to an outstanding quantity of users last year and holds information about more than 1000+ badges, and growing everyday! Add your badges and look for the fresh ones in the Bling Directory.
    Filedrive is a free file hosting site made specially to host your iframe layout files of your imvu layouts. Easy to register and to use, this website has been picked as one of the main options of free web hosting for imvu users.
    Shopping Center offers a wide variety of products updated everyday by a big community of creators. It's a simple and friendly site where you can have your daily shopping sprees!
    Adplan is the first advertising system meant to publish imvu products in a wide chain of imvu related sites. Fast, cheap, and easy to use, with a few clicks you can have your products advertised automatically in more than 25+ different imvu related sites. Take the tour to know more about this great deal!
    Have some graphic skills and designed your own layout image, and need someone to get it coded? Then this is your place, just send the layout image, and get it coded by gaf210! Dynamic Divs, Iframes, custom codes, anything goes. Prices starts on 7k depending on the complexity of the layout.
    The Derivable Catalog
    Check the newest and most original meshes to derive from unique products, courtesy of the Adplan Creators!
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