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"not happy with my tan :("

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so a little bit about my avi name, F Y R E X T I N G U I S H E R no i dont extinguish fire, im not a firefighter, i wont extinguish your fire [u can look for others who will gladly do so, i'd be very happy if you do that] and so what's with the name? i have a friend who's into stephen king's books and she really likes this book firestarter [it has a movie, drew barrymore is the firestarter and she was very young then] she uses firestarter as her username all the time. so one day i was trying to make fun of her and used fyrextinguisher as my name... so much for making fun of her, she loved it and so i used it since. and it's catchy and makes people think [i hope not dirty thoughts] so there ya go, the history of my name :)

wanna know more about me? i think u should just invite me for a chat, i dont bite :D unless u want me to hahaha

my baby now has her own baby... awwww :D

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welcome! uhm dunno what to say lol. just click view all. i know everyone's smart so u can figure out what'll happen when u click that :p

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these are stuff that i have no idea where to put but i still want to share it with people. watch these vids, and i hope all u people fall in love :D i call em awwwable vids. ENJOY!!!

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u dont have to buy them for me... but if u insist... mmmm ok lol
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