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Welcome to my page.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Hi my name is Mitch, and I am bi.

I am a dev and a roleplayer.

Been on here for a few years been through a lot but it is all good.

My friends are those who have a place in my heart.
I hope you enjoy looking in my shop.:)

always busy
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Listen up and listen good...Wait are you listening? Hold on a minute ,- drops a heavy book to the floor- Ah now I got your attention. Check this out. No don't wanna, oh come on take a peek. It won't hurt I promise. Now lets get down to business, do you wonder what is up and on going in WWE or the MMA or you want to get to know one of your favorite wrestlers . WELL you are at the right place. Check the video down below and take a peek at the ever knowledgeable Good Ol' JM. Putting up new shows for you every week and getting the low down on your fave wrestlers themselves. Not on their persona but them as people. Check it if you dare!
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