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"I miss you I need you I wont leave you"

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Hola people! getting a few things done first before i blaber on about things about me. I am actually single right now but no im not looking and no i will not cyber (eweh). I dont swear (usually) lol. My bestie is there in the corner and no she cant be replaced i am unfortanatly broke boohoo so dont ask for me to buy you somthing, NO SPAM NO BEGGERS PLEASE! mess with my friends i WILL hurt you :) people may ask what my name is and i will reply with "I go by Rai or Raiven" got a problem with me leave its that simple if u visit and i see that you visited without leaving a message i will send a shame on you message :) okay and lastly im not good with topics sept for like three so if u sit there and go "..." i will leave and u prob wont hear from me again. now that that's done heres a bit about me 1. im artistic i love to draw and write and i have written a book/story already and waiting to get it edited and then published yay! 2. im not a total computer nerd anymore (no offense) so im not on that much 3. I have the slowest computer in the world so if you invite me to chat and i dont talk for the first minute i lagged sorry can't do anything about it... 4. I am weird and anyone who knows me knows that like my bestie nay! <333 5. i had a boyfriend for three and a half years and we just broke up so im kinda in a bad mood lately (sorry if i randomly yell at you) 6. im not an extreamly preppy person but im not emo either im not anything dont label me 7. this is getting long and you prob dont care but i feel like typing 8. FLYING NINJAS 9. lol...random moment yes i have random moments were i will say somthing like number 8 or like..." RAWR IMA ZOMBIE IMA EAT YOUR BRAINS BWAHAHAHA" 10. rofl i love music but dont ask what type because i wont answer i like all types sept most metal. 11. i dont just add people anymore so you have to talk to me to get added and i wont deleat anyone on my list now because im a lazy bum (no not really) 12. i personally think imvu is dead.
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my buddeh who never bring me flowers ;) lol <3 you nay!
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