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"dontcha wish ya gurlfriend was hot like me"

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Animals have rights too!

Justice for Chubz

Warning !! This link will take you to some pretty graphic images. Poor Chubz and 2 other unknown cats were very cruelly killed, and this is their page. I have put this here to help raise awareness of this kind of very inhumane animal cruelty.

A battle...

This is graphic, but it really touched my heart!Gypsy is a pitbull terrier. She was found lying on the side of the road nearly dead from numerous wounds, severe infections, half a nose and no lips. Obviously used for baiting/fighting, but her story had a happy ending. Vet Specialists donated their time and reconstructed her face. New lips and nose. She did however have a front leg amputated, due to the infections.

Gypsy 1 year later

a dog's tail...

A very special dog arrived at the Auckland SPCA’s Animal Village on 24th December 2007 aptly named by SPCA staff, 'Eve'. She had been locked under her owners’ house and left to starve for at least four to five weeks without food or water and as a result she is extremely emaciated.

....Eves blog....

Click on the image of Eve above to go to her personal blog page. This is another story of a dog willing to fight and love even after being mis-treated.

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