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Welcome to my weird lil world
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< I'll always see myself as the huge dork I am. I'm a klutz with occasional verbal dyslexia and diarhea but I can laugh at almost any situation. So you can assume I have a great sense of humor, even if I'm the only one laughing sometimes. Unlike most girls, I'm usually the first to think perversely. Fact is, I don't take life too seriously, it's not like I'll make it out alive. The years have jaded me and I bare my fair share of scars, but they reveal how thick my skin really is. With me, what you see is what you get, flaws and all. I am true to who I am in every aspect of my life, despite what others think.I hate being me and I dont like myself very much. My honesty scares most people and You'll find I don't give a fuck, unless it's worth it (Which most things aren't.) In the end, I'm just another face with a name tagged *bipolar*, unless you look closer. As insane as I may seem sometimes, I still have a certain sanity about me, but you have to know me very well to see it. I'm often swimming around in my own thoughts because I am an introvert.( Id love to be a hermitt living miles aay from everyone) My mind is an experiment gone haywire; the gears are constantly turning at full speed in every direction. That may very well be why I suffer from insomnia and mential illness regularly not to mention eating disorders and No attention span at all . I tend to observe other people and the world around me, most of the time with disgust and disappointment, but sometimes on occasion with actual interest. Music is my safe place and numbing drug because so many song lyrics say what i cannot but yet feel...I envy people who are non smokers and have beautiful voices and often catch myself listeing to the same song for days at a time.. I have come to accept that there are things I am : A daughter, mother sister, grandmother and a shy, sad, but creative fool. And there are things I am not : Smart, pretty, social , outgoing, or happy well this was suppose to be my new profile for a new year but i just blew a fuse and lost the wittyness of it all so this is what your left with. Im just me plain old me nothing more nothing less
aries, United States - NC
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.......................... .......................... .......................... This is my new public room come on in!! "Reds Purple Room" .......................... ..........................
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